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Time for another Weekly Finds post and this time I have super exciting news to share with you all.

I’m going to Hungary next month! Yes, that’s right. Be prepared for another wave of travel photos on my Instagram and blog. I’m going to another youth exchange on 6th of October and I’m super excited about that.

However, this means that I’ll be missing 40km trekking challenge that I originally planned on doing. It is on the 7th of October and I’m a bit bummed that I can’t participate in it.

I actually debated for a while if I should go to Hungary or if I should skip it and attend the trek but I decided to go with Hungary. So let the countdown begin!

Also, I realised that I need to find another working space for myself other than my house. I’m starting to lose motivation to write or to do a bit of blogging work in my house. There are too many distractions.

Plus changing your working environment is a crucial part of being productive and efficient at what you do. So I’m looking for a coworking space or something like that.

I like working in cafes but I feel like a need a proper ‘workspace’ to do my best and this current situation I have going on isn’t doing me justice.

Now that raved about my personal life a bit, I want to share some of the finds from this month that I fell in love with or found interesting.

First thing, I want to introduce you to “Timecode” which is a short film that I recently watched and found not only entertaining but inspiring as well. It’s Juanjo Gimenez work about two parking lot security guards who start communicating by CCTV cameras and dancing out of boredom and uneventful routine.

This movie is seriously everything and I do recommend each of you to watch it asap. Truly inspiring and gives a whole new perspective to boring jobs and dancing. Also, it’s only around 15 minutes long, so you can watch it while eating your breakfast or during a break.

It’s also Oscar-nominated short film, just so you know.

I’ve been obsessed with Betty Davis music and her voice this past week, so I just couldn’t exclude her from these finds. If you don’t know who this fantastic artist is, Betty is an American funk and soul singer.

Her music has this charm and calmness that makes you want to listen to her all day long. Plus she’s known for her super memorable and incredible live shows. Check her out right now if you love a bit of funk in your life.

I recently read The Girl On The Train and oh my god! It’s such a good crime book. I couldn’t put it down and read it in a day, I think. After reading a book, I finally watched the movie and even if it wasn’t as good as the book, I loved it.

If you’re into crime dramas and a bit of dark side books/movie, I really recommend giving The Girl On The Train a go. I absolutely loved it and I know that any crime books fan will too!

Another thing that I came across this month is GreekU which is Greek based sorority and fraternity apparel and clothing shop. I like the idea of this shop that is entirely for girls from sororities and fraternities. Makes you want to show off to the world that you belong to a certain sorority.

You can find all kinds of clothing and other products on their website from pillows to water bottles. If you’re greek, I definitely suggest you give it a look. Here’re few of my personal favourites:

Weekly Finds | Greeku, short film, personal life update and a lot of fun articles! www.thenerdyme.com

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What are your recent finds?

Have you ever been to Hungary? If yes, any tips?

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