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Posts of this series are probably the only ones that I write on the same day as they get published.

Hello and happy 1st of June! I hope this week is treating you well so far. It sure has been treating me good so far. The weather has been wonderful and too much at times. 30 degrees Celsius isn’t so easy to deal with after all… I am quite busy with exams and job searching. And I’m going to Palanga with my friends on 16th/17th, and on the 18th I’m leaving for a road trip to Poland! How exciting is that?! I am super pumped for this summer, so be sure to stay updated with my blog, I’m going to post lots of travel related posts over the summer.

Since my summer is, hopefully, going to be filled with travels and mini trips, I’ve been reading more travel posts than usually. Matthew recently shared a list of blogs that fuel his wanderlust and I can’t seem to disagree with him. Those blogs are worth giving a go – tips, a lot of beautiful destinations, travel stories and tons of gorgeous photos involved!

One thing I noticed over the past few weeks is that a lot of bloggers seem to fall out of love with blogging or just loose motivation to do it anymore. Some have a lot of going on in their own personal life and that’s understandable but I stumbled upon a great post by Anne in what she teaches How To Keep Blogging When Life Sucks. Maybe it will be helpful for some of you and will inspire you to keep going.

Snippet from the next post 😉 

Now if you want to start being more productive and strike for success, a fellow Lithuanian blogger Monika shared 10 Daily Habits for Success that will be more than helpful for you. Amazing tips and I must confess guilty of not doing some of these –  I really should step up my game!

I also read a very fun post that I couldn’t really relate to but I am sure lots of you would! And that involves dating. So, if you need a fun read for the evening, give The Types of Guys You’ve Dated a read. Let me know if you will relate or will you be just like me, unrelated but entertained?

Okay, I think it’s enough with blogs and posts for today. Now on to the more visual things. I found a very appealing to the eye and just marvellous Instagram account. Let me introduce you to Tuula! Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage) is one lucky and talented influencer. Her feed is simply gorgeous and makes me want to pack my things and travel away! Plus she’s currently in Sri Lanka and if you read my Places I Want to Visit in Asia post, you will know that I’d love to go there.

Speaking of Instagram, I have a fun and very exciting announcement for you! But you probably have heard it… I and Lauren from Shooting Stars Mag decided to host an Instagram challenge during all June! YAY! It’s a challenge all about you, hence the hashtag: #JustYouJune. I invite all of you to join us and we both would be extremely happy if you did and shared photos all about you this June with us. Simply post a photo, add a hashtag (#JustYouJune) and tag us if you wish! I am excited myself and fingers crossed that I won’t fail this one, haha. Here’s the graphic for the challenge:

P.S. That’s our Instagram accounts, not twitter!

I made a playlist on Spotify of my all time favourite songs and I feel an extreme urge to share it with you. There are lots of oldies but goodies and a bit cheesy hits. The one thing I noticed is that almost all of them are quite sad, so sorry in advance that my music taste is more on this side. But maybe few of you will enjoy it and will even find a song or two that you could add to your playlist.

To make this more fun rather than sad, I have a perfect video for you from iiSuperwomanii a.k.a. my one of the idols a.k.a. Lilly Singh. I know that I have been going on and on about her but she’s too hilarious not to talk about. Give me some slack and watch her video parents react to Work from Home by Fifth Harmony. It’s too funny to skip! Trust me.

And I think that’s all for today. I hope you found something fun or interesting to read, watch, listen or participate in. I am loving these posts and I hope you do too. Let me know what you think as always, so I would know. And I’ll leave you with a positive note/thought today because I think that there is a lot of negativity going around in the blogosphere and I don’t know what it is but I really don’t like that. And I hope that all of it will disappear soon and will be replaced by positive vibes and lots of love.

“Be the energy you want to attract”

How was your week? Will you participate in this challenge?

Any summer travel plans?

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