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We are half way in February and all I can say is that I have never been so ready for it to be over. While January was a bit of intense, busy and laid back in the last half month, February is a completely opposite. I am loosing my usual level of blog productivity as the university is taking up a majority of my time. So many things are to be done this month. But that doesn’t mean that I’m completely useless this month… I still get quite a lot of done and that makes me feel a bit better about this month.

You probably have already noticed that I only post Weekly Finds once per month now. I decided at first to change weekly finds into monthly but when thought better of it. All of you have already got accustomed to this name, so I’m not changing it. Instead, I am going to only post these finds once per month rather than weekly.

I have to be honest with you, sometimes I struggle a lot with finding articles or links to share with you so constantly, and I don’t want these posts to be a mix of random and not really worth reading, watching material. Moreover, I share quite a lot about behind the scenes of The Nerdy Me, few personal bits and about my life in general, but there are weeks when I just don’t have anything exciting or interesting to share. I simply have nothing to ramble about or I don’t feel like sharing it with the whole world. So to make my life easier and make Weekly Finds still enjoyable for you, I will only post these posts once per month, mostly in the middle of the month. Hope that’s okay with you.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about more fun and interesting things. Let’s start from not so cheerful ones.

Ed Sheeran is not coming to my country for his tour and Kings of Leon decided to make a concert in my country this summer on the same week when I’ll be in Slovakia. So cheers for making me sad and heartbroken. I guess I won’t be seeing Ed and KOL anytime soon…

By the way, did I mention that I’m going to Slovakia this June? I am going for another hiking trip and I cannot be more excited. This trip will be right after my uni exams session and it will be a perfect getaway. I missed mountains and how amazing it feels to hike on top of them. Also, this means more travel posts from me! So get excited about that.

I went to the theatre a few weeks ago to see a play called ‘Mechanical Heart’. It was such an extraordinary and very intense play that left a nice after thought to me. So I definitely suggest you see it if you’re from Lithuania. You can see it in Kaunas State Drama Theatre.

One of my favourite bloggers got back into blogging and I cannot be happier. I just love 365 Affairs and how beautifully Monika pulls words together and tells stories. Go ahead and give a read if you haven’t already, you won’t be disappointed!

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How’s your week? Anything exciting?

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