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Life can be a real pain in a certain area.

Sometimes it just hits you so hard that you don’t have a single idea what to do with all this. The whole social media has gone silent or angry, a lot of people feel down and sad. Some because of the news that the world had to face last week, some because of personal things and matters. It breaks my heart that so many people been down and didn’t enjoy life like they should. What makes me even more disappointed and sad is that I was one of those people as well.

I’ve been feeling crap recently and there are few reasons behind it what I won’t share here for the sake of my privacy. I had a really not pretty breakdown at the end of last week and I just lost it. My usual positive and bubble of happiness mood was replaced by sour, angry and disappointed in life one. I was not having it and it was a really long time since I have felt this way.

I’m not sure if I’m entirely back to myself but I’m surely feeling much better now. What helped me to get back on my feet and drop that ‘life’s cruel, I’m its victim’ attitude was the realisation that I was being utterly stupid at that moment. I have a family that I dearly love. I have friends that support me. I have people that I can call friends even though I haven’t met them yet (yes, I’m looking at you, social media friends). I have a blessed life. Why should I let few little dark spots in it make it look bad?

Weekly Finds #13 | The Nerdy MeThat’s what cleared my head a bit. Making myself busy and thinking of something to do more was a huge factor as well. When my mind is busy with work, blog or other projects I’m on, it’s harder for me to slip and start overthinking about those things that made me feel like this. I started being productive and I slowly learned to accept the things for how they are, let them go and focus on now.

With no time I was back on my feet again. Almost. I still have those moments when I start overthinking, I start getting sad over again and I start breaking myself because of it. But I accepted that and I moved on. So today I kind of made Weekly Finds more like a bundle of positive posts, articles than a mix of everything. I hope that you’ll find something to read from this list and that whatever is bothering you will stop. You have the power to control your life. Use that power to create the best version of yourself, don’t let little dark spots destroy it. They might seem big for you now but trust me after some time they won’t, all they will ever be are little things.


The Importance of Staying Positive by Being Little: when it’s so easy to focus on negative, learn to stay positive by reading this beautiful post.

There’s a Monster Under Your Bed by Emily Trinh: a short but beautifully written post about all of us that makes you really think. Give it a read.

Supporting Small Online Shops: The Christmas Edition by Mojichlo: make someone’s day better by spreading love, positivity and supporting these small businesses.

Learning to Let Things Go by Kotryna Bass: little steps towards letting whatever is bothering you go. Amazing article, it helped me a bit too.

150 Good Things That Happened This Week by Little Miss Katy: Katy asked people what good happened during this not so joyful week and shared answers with us. You’ll be smiling like crazy at the end of this post.

What good happened to you this week?