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Howdy, my friends? It’s been a while since my last weekly finds post and believe it or not, I really missed typing this kind of posts. They are weirdly fun as I get to share the posts, articles, videos or whatever that I have been obsessing over recently. And that always satisfies me. But enough about me, let’s talk about things that you SHOULD check out!

One of my favourite bloggers from Lithuania shared a very useful blog post for all the bloggers out there. Kotryna talked about 10 things we all can do today to improve our blogs and I got blown away with all the ideas. I know that blogging can be very time-consuming and even stressful. But we should try to do everything in small steps. If you want to improve your blog or just change things a bit, take a look at this post and start it today!

Next post that I enjoyed and found quite relatable was from 113 Things To Say. Mira decided to talk about little brothers and in this post, she explained what can be learned from those little monsters. I love my little brother, don’t get me wrong, but boy can he get annoying sometimes. Give a read here and have a laugh or two.

Weekly Finds post from The Nerdy Me

Also, the lovely Celeste from With Love, Celeste wrote a post on a more personal side about why it’s okay to not know. I could relate a lot and this post even made me feel better about myself. I am at that stage of life where it seems like everyone wants me to know what I will do once I am out of university and I honestly have no freaking clue. I don’t know if what I am studying now is something I will use in the future or not. I don’t know if I like it or not. I am confused and I am sure that a lot of you are too. So take a read here and maybe it’ll make you feel a bit better and less worried. Because it is really okay to be confused and unsure in life. It really is.

As autumn graced us with its presence I’ve been struggling to find what to wear. The weather is so complicated. In mornings it’s cold, in evenings it’s hot. It’s messed up. That reason being, I started looking at the shops for new sweaters, t-shirts and other pieces of clothing that I needed to upgrade. I came across Resilience Streetwear Etsy shop and I fell in love with their designs. This shop is full of t-shirts, sweater and other pieces of clothing with fun words on them. Here are few of my favourite ones that I’ll probably buy soon:

Desilience Streetwear etsy shop wishlistAren’t they so cool? If you like things like these, go ahead and take a look at their Etsy shop. You’ll be amazed!

LIFE UPDATE: Life’s good. I think. Uni makes my head spin and hurt but I am doing alright so far. Lectures aren’t so bad and people in my group are quite friendly and very nice. Asides from that, it was a very hard and emotional week since one of my best friends are going away this Monday to pursue her dream as a cabin crew member. She’s going to be in another country for about a year or maybe more. We’ve been together for twelve years and now it sounds freaking scary and weird to think that we won’t be seeing each other every other day. But I wish her all the best and I hope that she’ll be very happy there.

Apart from being emotional and studying, I haven’t done anything that I was supposed to do and that drives me mad. I am a perfectionist and I need to be productive in order to feel satisfied with myself. Hoping to get into my work mode next week and stop slacking. I really am not happy with this level of laziness. So I think that’s all for now. I hope that you found things to read or to watch in this post and that you are having a splendid day/morning/night/evening!

What have you been up to?

How do you stay away from being lazy?

Are you feeling confused about your life?


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