You may or may not heard about my new idea for blog series. You most likely did if you are following me on Twitter and Facebook. I asked you guys’ opinion about weekly posts with fun links, blog posts, videos and other things that I have been loving that week. And you have all voted for. I am very happy about that I must say, haha. So without further do, let me introduce you to the new series of The Nerdy Me – Weekly Finds!

I know, I know, I am so creative. Give me a medal already for the lamest titles. Now I am not too sure how these posts are going to work right now but bare with me and enjoy the ride of discovery!

If you are following me on Twitter, Snapchat (thenerdyme_blog), Instagram or any other social media (the question is why you aren’t?) you would know that I have been working out every single day since last Tuesday. And all the credits for making me actually do it goes to Vaida from Don’t Tell Anyone. You would recognise her name if you have read my favourite blogs post that I did not too long ago. She made an e-course for all us, lazy and unmotivated, whiny people who wish to start working out but lack motivation or knowledge. This course is simply amazing! You get a different type of workout every day (plus it’s in a video format!) and information about why it’s good for you. I have never felt as good and motivated to work out as I am now. So if you need a little push to get that body moving, enrol by clicking here and become as addicted as I am now.

Also, I  have been searching for cheap ways to travel like crazy this past week! I have been quite obsessed with exploring lately since I wrote my 5 Places I Want to Visit in Asia post. That being said I read a lot of travel posts and the one I enjoyed the most and actually picked up few tips was a post about solo traveling by the lovely Mira. You need to check it out if you are still hesitating about starting to travel solo. Also, her older post about How To Travel The World For Free came handy too for me! I’ve been looking for good workaway opportunities since re-reading it!

I have been pretty obsessed with two Katies too this past week. One from La Coco Noire with incredible photography skills and personality that makes you giggle. If you want to look at incredibly beautiful London photos, then you need to check this post by her. B.E.A.U.T.Y.! And the other Katie from Words By Katie blog has me addicted with her beautiful photos and lovely posts from her everyday life and travels. So go on! Check them both out and you won’t regret it. But first, finish reading this post, boo!!!

It may come as no surprise to some of you that I am quite obsessed with Sawyer’s Hartman’s vlogs at the moment. And if you don’t know who he is, you need to check out his work right now! Especially if you appreciate a good photography and cinematography. His new short film got live few days ago and it’s called Get Ready To Run. Highly recommend watching it, it’s only a few minutes long, so don’t worry, it won’t stop you from having a super productive day! Tip: watch in 4k quality only for the best experience!

LIFE UPDATE: I had my first written exam last Saturday and today is officially the last day of school. This is so surreal right now for me. I still can’t comprehend the fact that I am leaving the school and won’t be coming back. I will need to adult now. That’s sounds scary, haha. I was planning to find a job for summer and earn a bit of money so that I could buy a new camera faster. But now I’m not too sure. A lot of things are going on in my head and a lot of decisions need to happen. Hopefully, I will decide that I need to do soon and won’t be pounding my head against the wall because of frustration of not knowing what to do.

Tomorrow I am going to celebrate with my friends by going to Trakai. I can’t remember the last time I visited it, so the time is perfect. It’s a big castle that is surrounded by the lake in Lithuania. It’s a really beautiful place to take photos at and just walk around. I’ll try to make a bunch of photos for you, guys. And that’s it, I guess. Let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you see yourself looking forward to this kind of posts.

How’s your life going? What have you been loving recently?