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If you haven’t already known, I simply adore Lilly Singh. She is also known as iiSuperwomanii from YouTube. She is an entertainer who creates amazingly funny and relatable videos, she also loves unicorns and skittles. Yeah, that’s a very important information right there. She recently was on a world tour with her amazing “Unicorn Island” program and now released a movie about it. I am yet to see it, but I am sure it is as amazing as her personality. She is also one of the most inspiring people I know and look up to, so there are a lot of things I learned from her. That’s why I decided to make this list of the things you should learn from her. Enjoy!

1. “Make a plan and say it out loud.” Make sure to say it out loud and not in your brain.Something about saying it out loud makes you actually want to do it.

2. “Dreams aren’t made of roses, dreams are made out of your potential.

3. Have a vision. Make a vision board, imagine it, draw it, do whatever. But SEE what you want to achieve.

4. Take naps. Love food.

5. You need to work hard in order to succeed.

6. Make to-do lists. One for the tasks you need to do today and other for longer term goals.


7. It’s okay to wear same clothes every day. 

8. Spread  #GirlLove.

9. Don’t be sad if you failed at something. You just got a new learning experience.

10. If you can do something to prevent future troubles, stress, do it.

11. “Life is all about what your goals are and how you measure success.”

12. Be passionate about something.

13. Change your working environment once in awhile, keep it fresh.


What have you learned new and from who recently?

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