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School work, university, collage or even work learning, studying can be quite a hassle. Homework, lots of books, researches, reading, reviewing and lots of other crap that makes us all sleepy and grumpy.

There are few thing I learned while doing so that I wish someone told me from the start. It would probably have saved me heaps of nerves, broken pens (it happened, friends, it did)  and headaches. 

So, today, I decided to share those 5 things I learned with you. I hope they will help some of you!


This may sound ridiculous but things happen (what I meant to say is ‘sh*t happens’). You will not be able to control everything, some things will get out of your control, you will get surprise tests, you will fail once for sure, you will forget that essay you have written on your last nigh. It doesn’t matter how planned and organised you are – something will happen and it’s not the end of the world. Maybe you will experience it only once or twice (or twenty times) but you have to stay positive and just deal with it. Life is like a big surprise, you will never know what can happen.



I wish I knew it all before exams and other stressful events. I used to over-think every little detail and get anxious about it (it has a bit to do with my social anxiety but it can happen to you too even if you don’t have one). This constant over-thinking did nothing but created stress, insomnia and distracted me from all the good things. So, don’t let over-thinking ruin you. Just let it be (oh, let it beeee, let it beee, let it beeee! ). 9/10 times over-thinking only creates problems that aren’t there. And don’t forget that usually our over-thinking is over nothing and everything in the end turns out better than we could have hoped!



Have you heard the phrase ‘not for school but for life we learn‘? Well, I didn’t till few years ago. This phrase made my point of view do a 180 degree turn. I started learning for me, my future. I didn’t care anymore about what others will think, I did it because I needed it for me. And the most important thing is to try convince yourself that not grades but your knowledge, view of life is the indicator of your intelligence. Maybe you can’t solve exponential inequalities but you can be a wonderful orator or motivational speaker!



I remember in 9th grade I heard this Latin maxim from one of my teachers and it made me think a lot. This maxim translates to something along the lines of: ignorance isn’t an argument. Basically, it means that not knowing something isn’t an excuse and doesn’t make you free from responsibility. When I got ill and didn’t go to school I usually didn’t do homework and the next day when I would come to school, I would say I didn’t know what was for homework. Or if I didn’t know what we have a test, I would use the same excuse that I didn’t know we were having a test and ask if I could take it the other day.

Funnily(is that even a word?), some teachers let me off but some told me that it doesn’t matter if I was or not. I used to get so angry at them and be all ‘how was I supposed to know and blah blah blah!‘. But if you think a bit more, I could have asked my friends, I could have asked teacher, I could have checked our online school diary where are all homework, test dates and all that jazz. 

So, what I am trying to say is that it’s not an excuse. We only make up things in our heads that are favourable for us but not always right. If you are one of those people (I used to be a hard-core one!) consider letting go of this habit. In the future life nobody will let you off if you made an accident and didn’t know what speed limit was on that road.



And the last thing I learned is that it isn’t bad to have some fun while studying for an important exam or just learning in general. Don’t over work yourself, it not only makes you loose motivation but also damages your learning quality. Have fun once in a while! Go out with friends, get some cocktails from Starbucks, take a walk, maybe attend a party. Just don’t forget to study in between and you will be more than good! Remember, studying is your main goal and having fun is your break from it.

Here are my 5 things that I learned while studying. Like I said before, these little things helped me improve my learning, studying so much more. Also, I didn’t look at studying like it’s a death and boredom anymore. 

Are you guilty of any of these things? Are you are a happy learner or do you despite it? Maybe you learned few things yourself too?

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