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There are few things that I do not enjoy and they give me all type of negative feelings. That’s why today I decided to make a small list of things, moments that I just hate. Let me know if you can relate to these as well! Also, I have a Snapchat now, so if you want, you can add me: thenerdyme_blog 🙂

1. … when you start eating a jelly bean and it’s cinnamon flavoured. It’s too spicy for my liking! I always make such an ugly face when I realise it’s cinnamon.

2. …when twitter notification pops up on your phone and you want to slide it to the side but end up pressing it. It happens all the time to me and every time it interrupts my precious time with YouTube.

3. …when you are walking on a sideway and the car goes past you in a full speed splashing water all over you. It happened to me few weeks ago. I was not happy about it.

4. …when people cancel plans they originally planned at the last minute. I CLEARED MY AGENDA FOR YOU!

5. …when it starts raining cats and dogs out of nowhere and you don’t have an umbrella on you. Again happened to me a week ago. Fun times.

6. …when you work hard for something and it goes unnoticed. I put my time, effort into making this long ass essay and you don’t even want to check it?! I could have watched all Pretty Little Liars episodes I am behind with instead!

7. …when your favourite artist goes to every country possible on his/her tour, but not to yours.

8. … when people say they “understand it”, but you know they are bluffing.

9. …when the only time you need something is the time you don’t have it. It happens to me all the time! There are hairbands laying everywhere in my room now that I do not need one, but I swear when tomorrow I will need it for P.E. all of them will disappear!

10. …when auto-correct tries to outsmart you. STOP CHANGING ‘HELL’ INTO ‘HE’LL’!

11. …when people joke about your insecurities in front of you. 

What things or moments do you hate?

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