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There are certain things I just can not relate to. You know those things and shops that all blogosphere is raving about or is obsessed with and every girl or boy just upon hearing about it go like ‘YES GIRL!’. And I am up in here sitting like ‘I have no idea what you are talking about but imma pretend I do’

1. NETFLIX. Only recently Netflix became available in Lithuania, but I am still not jumping on that bandwagon. I’m not paying 12 euros a month just so I could watch tv shows and movies that I can watch for free anytime I want to. There are lots of legal torrents and online watching websites in Lithuania where I can do that!

2. LUSH. That’s right! I have never ever been to Lush and haven’t tried any of their products. Simply because the only store here is in the other city and I can’t afford going there whenever I please to a buy shit tons of lush goodies. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to!!!

3. VICTORIA’S SECRET. What even… There is no Victoria’s Secret in my country and I am not complaining. I am not one to spend 99 euros on a freaking set of underwear that nobody is going to see apart from me mind you!!

4. TOPSHOP. Do you want to know what’s TopShop in Lithuania? Certainly not a cool and trendy shop where you can find affordable and cute clothes. It’s a shop of all types of gadgets. You know those brushes, massagers, and that weird looking shaving equipment? Yeah…

5. iStore. No, we do have it here. But no, I do not own any of their devices. WAIT. I lied. We do have iPod and their original earphones. That’s all. You know why? BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE 700 EUROS TO SPARE FOR A DAMNED PHONE WHAT CAN BREAK IN FEW MINUTES! Wouldn’t mind having it through…

6. Hating your Ex. I’d love to say that I never once got a bad breakup and that’s the reason why I never had a chance to hate my ex. However, I can’t say that if I never had a breakup in general. Yes, I have never been in a relationship. No, I do not feel like I missed an important part of my life. And no, I do not feel sorry for myself. I am not looking for a relationship, I’m focusing on my future and career now. But if I do land myself a boyfriend, husband in the process of all of that, then so be it!Β 

What you can’t relate to when everybody else can?

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