100 Ideas Foe Your Summer Bucket List!

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You know that feeling when you get super hyped and excited about summer once it starts?

You create plans in your head about all the adventures that you’ll have, all the wild parties, festivals, travels and other fun activities. Summer passes by quickly and you realise that you didn’t do anything or at least half of the things that you wanted and planned to do.

Sounds familiar?

I must admit that I love fantasising about how amazing my summer will be and then I just proceed to make it not so memorable or fantastic as I imagined it in my head.

Partly because I don’t have a lot of savings to splash around – have you seen how much tickets to a festival cost these days?!  – and partly because I am too focused on fantasising rather than actually making a plan and fulfilling it.

So I decided to make a list of all the things I want to experience during this summer. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I decided to write a summer bucket list. Everyone and their grandma seems to be doing these, so why the heck not?

Now, I don’t know if it will help me to fulfil all my wishes for this summer but I sure do hope so. Plus maybe my list will give you a bit of inspiration for your summer bucket list. It’s never too late to start one!

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The Nerdy Me’s Summer Bucket List 2017

#1 – Go hiking in the mountains

I enjoy hiking a lot and I’m super excited about my upcoming trip to Slovakia. I’m going Tatra mountains once again but this time on the Slovakian side. I heard that it’s even more beautiful than in Zakopane and that is enough to get me counting the days till our trip. Also, I hope to have more mini hiking trips this summer, not necessarily in the mountains.

#2 – Volunteer in at least one event

This thing is on my bucket list since forever. I really want to volunteer somewhere, I think that it is a great way to get more connections, spend your free time and give back something to the society. So I filled out a shit load of applications and I’m hoping for the best.

#3 – Dance at a music festival

Since going to a music festival last year, I fell in love with them. I love the whole atmosphere, live music and how alive it makes people feel. So I already bought tickets to one of the biggest music festivals in Lithuania. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

#4 – Spend few days by the sea

I love the seaside. It’s a perfect place for relaxation, self-care and simply for taking a step back and rejuvenating. I want to pack a bag and go to the seaside in June or July for few days just to disconnect from all the technologies and work. I think it would be a nice me-time kind of trip.

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#5 – Have a Geocaching day

I loved Geocaching. I hated Geocaching. Now I want to spend the day exploring the weirdest of places looking for geocaches. I just have the urge to do that. Also, I think it would be quite an adventure if I decided to explore an unknown city with few of my friends. Whatcha think?

#6 – Make S’Mores over the bonfire

Who doesn’t love S’Mores? I can’t remember the year in which I didn’t make or eat these heavenly delicious creations. But I needed to include them in this bucket list just in case I will forget about them (not very likely but you know).

#7 – A week without an internet

I have to admit that I got this idea from Debesyla which is a quite famous Lithuanian blog. The author does all kind of crazy challenges once in a while. In one of those challenges, he spent a month without an internet. I think that’s fantastic! It’s a wonderful way to have a real digital detox and see what a big impact the internet really does have on us these days. So yeah, I didn’t dare to challenge myself for a month but I want to start with a week and then we’ll see how it’ll go.

#8 – Go solo somewhere

Solo travelling is something everyone should try and I will stand by this point forever. This summer I want to go on a solo adventure. I don’t care how long or how far it will be, the only thing that is important to me is that I’ll do it alone. Maybe it will only be that trip to the seaside. Or maybe I will finally decide to go to London or Paris. We shall see.

#9 – Improve my Spanish skills

I’ve been learning Spanish for 3 years now and I still know nothing compared to what I’d like to know. So this summer I’m kicking myself in a butt to start improving. I’ve been learning words, grammar and so on but I need some practice as well. I’ll try to watch Spanish tv shows or movies and maybe will go to a few languages exchange evenings. By the way, any tv shows or movies recommendations?

#10 – Have a picnic in a park

Yeah, I put ‘have a picnic in a park’ as my summer bucket list item. To be completely honest, I never had a picnic in a park. Well, maybe I did when I was 5 or so but that doesn’t really count. I want to spend the day in a part having a picnic, reading a book or just conversating with friends. Sounds very Parisian.


Now, before you go, I made a list with 55 ideas for your summer bucket list! You can download it by clicking below. It’s completely free!

55+ Ideas For Your Summer Bucket list! More at www.thenerdyme.com

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Also, any Spanish tv shows or movies recommendations? I’m desperate here.

One more thing! What do you want to do the most this summer?

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