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You know what day it is? It’s the birthday of my blog! Yes, today, on the 4th of May, The Nerdy Me turned 1. I can’t comprehend the fact that I have been blogging for the whole year. 

That’s 365 days. 

113 blog posts.

4110 something comments.

And a lot of pageviews.

I want to, first of all, thank you for all of you who read my posts and actually do enjoy them. Thank you for being with me all this year and encouraging me to write and to create. I had a blast doing it and I couldn’t be happier that on the 4th of May, 2015 I bottled up the courage and wrote my first ever blog post. It was horrible. I literally talked about the weather.

Now that all of you are probably wondering who is that girl who writes this nonsense and rambles on and on about happy life, tv shows, and other weird things. And I can finally answer it with not only words but with an actual picture. 

Meet me.

 Hello, my dear readers. This is me. THIS IS REAL! THIS IS ME! I’M EXACTLY WHERE- no? Camp Rock reference, anyone? Jokes aside. I finally got myself together and decided to reveal my face to you all. It took me a year to do so, so give me some slack.

I feel like I grew up with this blog a lot. The Nerdy Me went through tonnes of templates, bug fixes, anger over coding and happiness. And I did too. I learned about my passions more, I met (virtually and actually) so many amazing people who keep me inspired and motivated to do better. To create and to make the best I can. 

I wrote a lot of beauty related posts in the beginning and during my journey, I found out that I am not very passionate about it. I don’t enjoy making favourites posts, I don’t like doing hauls or wishlists. I tried it all and, in the end, I learned that my true passion is lifestyle posts and motivational, inspirational talks. And I am pretty damn happy how far I have come with my blog.

I don’t have thousands of followers, I don’t get a million pageviews, I don’t even think that my blog is any kind of influential. I simply love that fact that I can get creative and share my belief with others. I love discussions with my readers, I love seeing fellow bloggers killing it with their blogs. I love that I get to be in this wonderful community and see it grow. I love to see myself grow.

I don’t know how long I will write this blog. Nor do I do if I will be happy with it the next year. But I am happy with it now. And all I want to do is thank you for being here and reading it. I haven’t made anything too exciting for you for this anniversary, I’m sorry for that. But I promise to bring even better content and projects in the future. But for now.

Happy Birthday, The Nerdy Me. 



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