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So. This week started with me almost having a panic attack. No, I am not exaggerating. Nerves were eating me alive and over-thinking was about to kill me. And if you are wondering what made me feel like this. Exams. Exams are the answer. I had an English speaking exam this Monday and I still don’t know how I feel about it. It consists of two parts. Monologue and dialogue. Monologue was all kinds of crap. I kept messing up words and the structure of sentences was messed up too. The coughing wasn’t helping the situation and runny nose ruined it too. 

Anyways, even though I probably didn’t do too well on the monologue. I like to think that I and my partner smashed it at dialogue. We communicated well and it sounded very well to me. So, I’m hoping for higher marks for it. Overall, you can get 25 points from the speaking exam and I really want to get 20-something. I really need it. 

My prediction? 20/21 points. 

We shall see how it goes. Results should be delivered in July. And the waiting process will kill me. I can’t stand waiting so long. 

With only 2 months left till school is over for good, there is a lot of stress and revising for all the exams. This being said, I’m sorry in advance for the lack of engagement in social media or possibly messed up blogging schedule (hopefully, it won’t happen). I will have 4 exams and I need to do my best to smash those. So, lots of studying, books reading and writing will be happening to get prepared. Sadly, not a fun type. 

How did you deal with stress during exams?

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