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A few weeks ago I’ve been tagged by a lovely Kay from Shoes and Glitter to do a I Heart Spring tag that was originally created by Ingrid Nilsen. Ingrid is a YouTuber and a beauty guru that happens to be one of my favourite influencers in the world. So I jumped at the chance and decided to do this tag. I loved reading Kay’s post and I thought why not.

Now I am not going to tag other bloggers to do this tag but I will ask all of you to pick at least 2 questions from this tag and answer them in the comments section below. I would love to read your answers and let a bit more about you. Also, feel free to do this tag on your blog if you want! Don’t forget to send me a link of you do or have already done, I would love to read them.

So without a further do, let’s get to these questions! Just a quick disclaimer, I might not be the most interesting person in the world in your eyes after you’ll read this. Hell, I think I ruined my outlook on myself for myself too… Oh well.

I Heart Spring Tag! Here're my spring favourites! www.thenerdyme.com

Favourite spring nail polish?

I am really not one to paint my nails often as I literally hate the whole process of it. I think I talked about it before in this post. So it isn’t surprising that I don’t really have a favourite spring nail polish, however, I recently tried out Ultimate Nail Lacquer by Catrice Cosmetics in shade 01 Fuchsiarama. It’s a very beautiful and bright pink colour which I love. It’s not very pink pink if you know what I mean, but I feel like it’s the perfect colour for a spring season.

Must have lip colour this spring?

It’s so hard to decide! I am one for the trends so I don’t know what’s hot and not this spring but I think my must have this spring will be cherry toned pink. I am all about those pinks recently which is very weird as I’m not the biggest fan of pink. Actually, the best example I can give you for this kind of colour that I have in mind is Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm in 040 My Cherry Berry by Catrice Cosmetics. It’s isn’t very toned and has a nice shine, so I think it’s a lovely colour to have this spring. I swear, this post isn’t sponsored but holla at me, Catrice Cosmetics, if you want to make a deal!

Favourite spring dress?

Now I have to admit something to you I only got into dresses a year or so ago. Before that? I couldn’t be bothered to put on or even buy a dress and stroll around in it. I found them annoying, hard to find and incredibly difficult to chose. But fast forward to this day, I am obsessed with dresses and I couldn’t be more excited for a warmer weather to strike so I could start wearing dresses and skirts. I am getting old, aren’t I? Back to the question, my favourite spring dress probably is a light, pastel coloured one with a bit of lace or flowy material. You know those princess’s dresses? Yeah, those. I even can give you an example! I bought a very lovely dress from Mohito a few months ago and I think it’s a perfect representation of my spring dress. You can see how it looks here.

I Heart Spring Tag! Here're my spring favourites! www.thenerdyme.comFrom Mohito

Favourite flower?

Tulips. Or peonies. I can’t decide. I am one of those people who rather get a tulip or any other flower than a rose. I just feel like roses are a bit overrated and maybe I feel a bit intimidated by them. I don’t know how to explain it but roses look so almighty to me and I enjoy simplicity, so tulips or peonies that’s it. I really don’t have a preference in colour but yellow or soft pink is a nice choice.

Favourite spring accessory?

I don’t think I have one. Actually, I don’t even think that I have many accessories in general. I want to say a scarf? But I’m not too sure. See? I am hopeless when it comes to beauty and fashion.

What spring trends are you most excited for this year (makeup or fashion)?

As I have already mentioned, I’m not one for following trends in any area. I just can’t be bothered and I simply like to dress as I like and paint my face the way I feel is the best for me. That being said, I am not sure about this year’s trends but I’ve seen a lot of khaki, pastel colours and a splash of 80’s around, so I’m guessing that these are the trends. I am pretty excited about pastel colours and those 80’s vibes then.

Speaking of pastels, I recently came upon beautiful blushes from OFRA Cosmetics. They have lovely pastel tonned collection from matte blush to shimmering blushes. They are now running a makeup forever ULTA campaign during which you can get 40% off all OFRA Cosmetics 4 gram pressed blushes.

So if you want to get a long-lasting and super pigmented pastel toned blush for this spring and summer season, head over to their website right now before the event ends.

Favourite spring candle?

I literally don’t have any favourites from the look at my previous answers… That’s why I stopped writing favourites posts. I am not sure if it counts but mango scented candles are my favourite ones all year round, so I’m going with anything mango for this answer.

Favourite body spray or perfume for spring?

Surprise, surprise I don’t have one. I am starting to think that this tag was a bad idea for a post. Anyways, even though I don’t have a particular spring scent, I am loving 007 For Women II perfume right now. So let’s call it my favourite spring perfume, shall we?

I Heart Spring Tag! Here're my spring favourites! www.thenerdyme.com

What is spring like where you live?

Finally, a question I have an answer for! Spring is a mixture of everything in Lithuania. We get snow, rain, sun and warmth. It’s complicated I guess. But mostly it’s around 10 – 15 °C with a lot of sunshine and mostly clear sky. Yeah, we get rainy days there and there but not as much that it would annoy people.

What is your favourite thing about spring?

I love how bright it gets, I love how colourful people get and how alive everything feels. My favourite thing has to be the feeling that I get once spring comes to our country. Everything feels so much lighter and joyful, it feels like a new start and I love that about spring. Winter has been incredibly cloudy, cold and a bit depressing to put it lightly. So spring is my medicine.

Are you a spring cleaner?

I am not a cleaner that all. I have my moments when I randomly decide to have a huge clear out or clean out but I am never one to be excited about the whole process of cleaning. I already had my spring clean so I think that makes me a spring cleaner. However, I am more of a mental spring cleaner than anything. I like cleaning up things in my life, letting go of things that don’t make me happy and embracing new challenges.

Any plans for spring break or upcoming vacation?

For now, I have no plans for vacation or spring break. I will probably spend my short break doing uni assignments, preparing for exams and writing blog posts. Exciting isn’t it? To be completely honest, I never really made a big deal out of spring breaks, I prefer travelling in summer when I have more time for that. A few years ago I went to Prague for Easter and I wouldn’t mind doing that again but like I said I have no plans of vacations for now. I have lots of other plans but that’s a story for another time.

Do you have any plans for spring break?

What is your favourite thing about spring?

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