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So yesterday was quite a night. On 11th of February, we celebrated ‘Šimtadienis’ [Hundred-Day] in our school. Basically, it’s this celebration all graduates do when it’s left only 100 days till it’s the end of school. It’s a really huge deal here in Lithuania and probably the night of the year for all 12th graders. 

It usually starts with a big grand official part of the celebration with parents, teachers and all school board. And after all the speeches, our shows, it is always after party time. We, soon to be graduates, dress into our dresses, suits and with limousines drive around the city. Limousines drove us to the club that was rented only for us that night (us as graduates. No parents, teachers allowed. It was our night). And there were a lot of celebrating happening! Champagne, loud music, games, delicious food, cake at the end, of course, and a lot of dancing. It was so fun and we all had a blast!

I got home around 4 a.m. and was so tired! My head hurt like a b-word from all the loud music, I basically lost my voice from all the signing and my feet… Let’s talk about why I do not wear heels a lot. 1) they are a pain in the arse to walk in 2) your feet heels like they went to hell and back after few hours of walking in them and 3) they are damn expensive!

I COULD NOT FEEL MY FEET AT ALL! [and yes, I am aware these aren’t the highest heels]

In the middle of the night, I took those Devil things off my feet and danced without them. Fortunately, a lot of girls had the same thing in mind, because around 1 a.m. you could find more barefooted ones than ones wearing heels. It was a bit more relieving for my feet, but, in the end, they still hurt a lot and I couldn’t walk normally. BUT HEY I AM NOT COMPLAINING! It was so worth it.

And can we talk about how gorgeous that purse is? I FREAKING LOVE IT! Is it only me or I am using a lot of caps lock in this post? 


I got this dress from Boohoo and I adore it. I do not care how pale I even look in it, haha. Tulle paired with gold details make me very happy. 

I didn’t take lots of pictures as it was so dark there and I honestly wanted to dance with my classmates, friends and have a great time. We took few photos of course, but I am not sure they want me to publish them on the internet, haha.

DRESS: Boohoo / Topai | HEELS: similar  | CLUTCH BAG: Deichmann


Do you have a similar celebration in your country? 

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