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You may remember a post that I did a month or so ago. It was a wishlist (My Wishlist: CNDirect) from an online store I found. Today, I am reviewing the things I got from Firstly, I want to inform that all opinions are my OWN and 100% truthful.

So, in total, I got two items. A shoulder bag and a chiffon blouse. All delivery process took one month. From ordering to getting it shipped to my doorstep. I mean, you can pick a faster delivery, but it will cost you waaaay more (and those clothes will cost you more than they are worth). 

What I got. 

Sorry, couldn’t get a better shot 🙁

The shirt that I got, I am quite happy with. The size is perfect for me, so I had no problem with it. The quality isn’t the best, but that’s what you get for a cheaper price. The only downside is that the blouse is very sheer, so it is a bit see-through, you might need to get something under it if you are not a fan of showing skin. I have no problem with it, so it works quite nice for me. All in all, I love this blouse and will be surely wearing it a lot.

Price: $ 3.21 | € 3.03    You can find it here: White Chiffon Blouse 


 Photo from the site. Via CnDirect

What I got.

I had so many expectations with the bag that I choose. Sadly, I got disappointed. The bag doesn’t look as nice as it did in a picture. The material is quite thin and doesn’t hold the shape as it was supposed to do. The chain is way too short to be wearing it on the shoulder. And the short handles look a bit weird. It’s safe to say that I won’t be wearing that bag often. Again, that’s what you get for a cheaper price.

Price: $ 7.61 |  6.78

The shop does provide quite cheap and affordable clothes, accessories and other things. But you just have to keep in mind that the quality won’t be the best. If you want a good, long-lasting things, you need to invest more in them. Also, you will never know what you can get with online shopping.


Do you shop online? What are your thoughts on cheaper clothing?

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