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If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know what I like to stay as positive as I can and only share happiness. But I also have shitty days. I have days when I don’t want to do anything but bawl my eyes out and scream at the world about how bad my life is and how I pity myself. But I found a method that makes me get over it faster (well, that sounded better in my head).

I know feeling sad isn’t a bad thing, but just to some extent. I used to get really depressed by some things. And I mean really. I had encountered bullying and I know how horrible it makes you feel. It makes your head go spinning and you just can’t help but start doubting yourself, your appearance and you as a person. And let’s be honest, most of the time we start pitying ourselves, feel insecure, even start hating ourselves. And that’s not good. I noticed that when I get upset about something major I start overthinking, getting emotional and sometimes it ends up with me crying. And it usually ruins my all day or even few. Which makes me unproductive, snappy, angry and overall a mess. 

One day like those when I was crying and hating myself I took my notebook and started writing down every thought that came to my head. And it wasn’t a coherent text, no, it was like a giant pile of random thoughts put together on the page. I wrote how shitty I feel in one sentence. And it the next I suddenly start writing how I want a better tan. In the next I write how I wish I was prettier. And it the next I write how I hate math. I couldn’t stop writing all of that. I noticed that while I wrote I slowly stopped crying (but the last two hours while I tried to do so, I only failed and cried more), my head felt lighter and I started thinking why am I even crying?

Writing every thought down on that notebook helped me to handle my emotions and calm myself down. It was like I transported every thought from my head to that paper. And when I wrote it down it became not so horrible. I don’t know if you get that I am saying, but I hope so. Writing your problems down can help you to see them in the different light and even solve them. Had an argument with your friend and it’s bugging you all day? Write it down, let all those emotions, questions down into the paper. You will feel much better, I tell you. It will feel like all those thoughts that were running in your head and disturbing you were gone. 

I have a notebook where I only write when I am crying or having something major happening to me. It can even be a happy tears or anger. Think of it as your emotions diary. Write in it only when you feel very overwhelmed with certain emotion and feel like you just can’t handle it and your head is going to explore with so many thoughts. It really helped me, maybe it will to you too. 


How do you handle with high emotions?

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