The Problems I Have With How-To Posts | read more

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Raise your hand if you have ever felt frustrated because of a how-to type of post. These posts are those posts that we spent a majority of our time reading and complaining about. I am no exception, so today I decided to pull up this post and explain to you why I sometimes get annoyed with how-to posts and why I love them at the same time.


This type of posts is very helpful when you want to make something, a recipe, some kind of DIY or a project. You get all those instructions, ingredients, steps and so on. It should be easy, isn’t it?

Yeah, right. All easiness disappears when you find out that you’ll need Harry Potter world kind of stuff to make this nice little bookmark. Or those ingredients that sound like something straight out of a magic book to make this pasta. I hate when it happens. How do I make this recipe if I don’t know what half of these ingredients mean and where to find them? I found so many amazing recipes from UK, US blogs and whenever they include caster sugar or self-raising flour I groan internally. These things don’t exist in Lithuania, how the eff I’m supposed to make this recipe?! This is one of the reasons why I end up messing up when baking from recipes…


If we look at those how-to posts related to blogs and blog grow, you’ll find me screaming and bashing my head on the wall. I just hate how unspecific some of those posts can be. I obviously click to read your How To Maintain Blog Schedule blog post to learn how to freaking maintain my blog schedule while having piles of uni work on the side, and not to hear about why I need to maintain a schedule. I do know why. Just teach me how to do it.

Also, they sometimes don’t give real action steps. What I mean by this is that they tell you what to do but they don’t really do. You know what I mean? Sometimes I read a how-to post and I end up with more questions and no particular steps on how to achieve the result I desire. Please tell me that I’m not the only one.

The Problems I Have With How-To Posts | read more


I have nothing against promotion and selling your products but I swear it gets on my nerves whenever I click on a how-to post and it only says that I should buy your course to achieve all of that. Like no. Give me a reason and a tip maybe, so that I would know why I need to buy this course. 99% of the time I am not going to buy your course simply because I would be very broke if I bought everything I saw advertised these days. *Plus 300$ for a course is damn a lot of money and I am a student who doesn’t really has a steady income.


These are millions of how-to articles nowadays and it can get really confusing once you start reading through them all. If I’m looking for a certain recipe I get so overwhelmed with an amount of different versions of how you can make it. Like which one is the best one?! Which one should I chose if all of them say ‘best way’? It is really frustrating at times like this. You can never know if the way you chose will be a good way or you will end up with a disaster.

But asides from all of these negative aspects of how-to posts, I love making them! I love writing how-to guides and I do hope that they aren’t very bad and that they do give a real action step to you. If not, do tell! I could use some feedback.


What problems do you have with how-to posts?

Are you a fan of them?

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