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How are you doing loves? I hope everything is fun and good for you. I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the work I have to do for school. But I think I will live. Somehow. So, to make things a bit fun for me and you, I decided to make a list of places in Europe that I want to visit the most. Without the further do, let’s get to it!

London, England

I can not explain to you how much I want to visit London. It is like my dream city in Europe. My friend recently went to London and she said that it wasn’t anything super exciting. Just imagine my reaction towards it. Anyways, my life mission is to visit London and to explore every street there is. I know, I’m crazy. But I just really want to go there! I also loved to visit Brighton, Yorkshire, Bath and so much more. Basically, I want to explore all UK!


I have been wanting to visit Spain since I started learning Spanish. I love Spanish culture and how historical it is. Madrid is on top of all those places I want to visit in Spain. It’s so full of rich architecture and cultural. I mean, how can you not want to visit Madrid? Have you been there? If so, please, let me know how you liked it. Even better so, if you live in Spain, please, invite me for a stay! 


You probably all know about my passion for hiking. Mountains, long paths, beautiful places. Everything about hiking makes me excited and very freaking happy. I love a good adventure and what better way to have it than going for a hike? I’d love to visit Alpes and climb those mountains, maybe ski a bit (I’m not very good at that) and take hundreds of pictures!


I visited an island of Greece, Crete a few years ago and I loved the weather, greek culture, food and it was such a beautiful place! I’d love to visit more of Greece, like Athens, Santorini, Kos and other. I really enjoy that Balkan life. It’s very different from what we have here in Lithuania, so it’s good to see things from others perspective. 

Venice, Italy

Who doesn’t want to visit Italy? Especially the famous Venice. The place where rivers and little boats take you to the most beautiful views. I certainly do and I swear I will visit it one day. I am very fascinated by Italian architecture and its colorfulness. And I secretly want to visit the balcony where the famous love couple, Romeo and Juliet, declared their love.  

What places do you want to visit in Europe?

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