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It’s time to talk about another list of places I’d love to visit in the future. This time, I am going to talk about Australia. Now I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with the idea of travelling all around Australia one day. I feel like it’s a place where you can find something for everybody. So without getting too rambly, let’s get to the 5 places I desperately want to visit in Australia!


Sydney is full of amazing places to explore. Starting with famous Opera House and ending with Manly Harbour and, of course, Sydney Harbour bridge. I cannot explain to you how freaking awesome would it be to walk on top of that bridge! Like, imagine! Yeah, I would probably pee my pants because hello?! I am afraid of heights and climbing on top of the bridge and walking on it while it moves a bit isn’t an ideal thing to do in my case. But it would be an amazing experience for sure! So, if you live in Sydney, please, do invite me. Love to be your guest, haha.


B L U E    M O U N T A I N S

You know how I feel about a good hike. Since having a hiking trip to Poland’s Tatra mountains, I’ve been obsessed with an idea of having a super long, think 2-3 weeks, hiking trip in different regions and mountains. Blue Mountains sound like an incredible place for that. I saw so many amazing photos and posts from Pinterest about these mountains that I feel like I NEED to visit them one day. So watch out, Australia, you are my travel target!


M I T C H E L L   F A L L S

I can say no to a good view that can either be photographed or admired from afar. And these falls are both. I can imagine taking tons of photos of those falls and with me in those falls and me beside the fall and I think you got the point. Basically, if you know great places that have waterfalls, mountains or any other spectacular nature objects hit me up and I’ll add it to my travel bucket list which is starting to get non-ending, I noticed.


Okay, maybe the term beaches isn’t considered as a place but I just can’t pick one or two I’d love to visit. I heard a lot about Australian beaches and it sounds like you, Australians, aren’t lacking anything in this department. I already noted about 6 beaches I’d love to visit one day in Australia and still counting. If you know an amazing beach there that I should visit, let me know! I’ll add it to my on growing list, haha. I swear I’ll need like thousand years to travel to every single place I am wishing to…Also, I just noticed that I used word ‘beach’ way too many times.


A L I C E   S P R I N G S

Need I say more? I am just obsessed with hiking and places with good history. Again, heard way too many things about this place and it does sound pretty damn amazing. Well, at least Google makes it look awesome. The number of hiking trails and gorges are so tempting to me and if I could I would pack my bags and go on an adventure to Australia right away. Also, there is a desert and I have never seen anything like that with my real eyes, so that’s another reason why I’d love to visit this place.

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