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I’m back again with another travel wishlist if I can call it this way. Since I really enjoyed making a list of places I want to visit in Europe, I decided to do another one but this time regarding Asia. I haven’t visited a single country of Asia and I am hoping to do that in the future. By the way, thank you, lovely people, for so many wonderful comments on my latest post. I really didn’t expect people to like those photos so much but I’m glad you found them as wonderful as I thought they are. And before I start rambling once again, let’s get to the post, shall we?

Manila, The Philippines

Yes, the place where a big part of YouTubers seems to be going a lot recently. It is not only an incredibly amazing weather provider but a great place for all those creative souls. It is said that Manila is one of the best places in The Philippines for those who live for art and indie music. And I am all up for that! But let me know if you have visited it or, even better, live there! I’d love to know what locals think about it. Always good to know about things from others’ perspective.


I am very interested in Indian culture, so this is a no-brainer really. It is a land of spices, colours, cultures and beautiful landscapes. Also, the heat is luring me there as well. Mumbai, Delhi, Odisha are just a few places of hundreds I want to visit in India. And let’s not forget the Holi festival that is celebrated there. It is a country full of surprises and little gems that I would love to explore. If I could, I would pack my bags and go there right now really.

Sri Lanka

Since hearing so much about this beautiful place in the blogosphere, I decided that I need to visit it in the future. Absolutely gorgeous postcards from Samantha’s blog and drool worthy posts from Hand Luggage Only made me do this. So, thank you for introducing me to this wonderful place and I hope I will get to explore it too soon! Let me know if you visited it or maybe have blog posts about it or know good articles about the culture there, I’d love to read them and hear more about this wonderful land.

Hong Kong

This city has been on my bucket list since forever. I am determined to visit it someday. I am fascinated by it. It offers so many shopping, exploring options, I am not even talking about food! I feel like Hong Kong has it all and reading recent Richel’s diaries from her trip to Hong Kong made me realise how strongly I wish to go there. Don’t even let me get started about how great that place is for photographs! Just imagining going around the city and taking snaps of little corners, busy streets, and incredible buildings make me shiver with happiness. 

The Great Wall of China

Not necessarily a place but more like a monument. But probably one of my most desired places. I have always been fascinated with Seven Wonders and if you looked at my bucket list, you would see that ‘To visit Seven Wonders’ is on it. And I am planning on doing just that!  I would love to go there and take a walk, photograph the heck out of it and just relax, feel the place. I always like to just stop for at least 10-15 minutes in a beautiful place – usually, nature orientated – and just take it in. We all rush when travelling, and sometimes even forget about some of the adventures. I don’t want to forget a single one of them, and that’s why I try to take every place in and feel it. That way I won’t ever forget the feeling I got there. And I’m rambling again, haha.

What do you desire to visit in Asia?


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