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I am a very open-minded person and accepting as well. I will not care about your appearance, hobbies or whatever that make other people judge you. I am going to treat you the same way you do. If you are being nice, I will be nice too. If you are being a bitch, I will ignore you and don’t waste my time on you as I can do many more things worth my time than dealing with people who do not appreciate other people. So that being said, I don’t care about anything except your personality and attitude toward people in general. 

And the only thing that can make me angry at you is if you start pointing out my mistakes in public. I can not stand that and I will not tolerate it. I don’t even care if I will come off as stuck up or something like that. I am quite a perfectionist and it comes with a huge baggage, one of them is my mistakes. Since being a perfectionist is all about seeking perfection and doing everything without mistakes, naturally, my biggest Achilles heel is my mistakes. 

I may not look like I don’t get it, but I really do. I know when I do a mistake or when I overthink way too much. Trust me, I lived with my mind for 18 years now and I do know myself. It’s a horrible feeling admitting it yourself that you did a mistake and it is way worse when the person you are close to or even a stranger starts pointing out your mistakes in public. All perfectionists out there know what I mean and how bad it makes us feel. It makes us feel vulnerable, betrayed even and paranoid at times because we know we didn’t do something the way she should have.

Pointing my mistakes in public is something I absolutely hate. Take it a teacher saying that I needed to write this essay other way or a friend telling in front of others that I am overthinking this way too much and that I should just do it. If you have something to tell me about my work, mistakes or being perfectionist aspect, please, do it personally. Don’t make me go through the feeling of utter disappointment in myself and even more stress that I am not doing my best. Don’t do it in front of other people who have nothing to do with my perfectionism. 

I really hope that I didn’t offend anyone out there who are reading this post. I wanted to write this post to explain why I hate being called out for my mistakes in public. I know it may sound silly for some, but it’s really hard for me during those moments. And I feel really hurt when my friends start pointing out those little things that are already making me feel bad and disappointed in myself.


What is the one thing that you wish people would stop doing about you?

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