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Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook or Pinterest and seeing those delicious looking and healthy smoothies? I bet you been wondering how do they make one. Maybe you even tried one but it turned out into disaster or just a bigger calories bomb instead of weight losing one. 

But fear not, I am here to teach you all magical movies of making a perfect green smoothie.

First, let’s get to the basis. Green smoothie does not mean green colour (although it sometimes does turn out green). Green smoothie means that it is with any kind of green vegetable, salad, greens and is a healthier version.

Next, green smoothies originally are made with water instead of any kind of milk, yoghurt products. It makes smoothie healthier and better for your skin.

Now that we established the ground rules of making a perfect smoothie, let’s get to the fun part!

Here is the the formula of a green smoothie:



Base of the smoothie is from any kind of leafy greens. You can use whatever you are fond of. I use broccoli, spinach, green leaf lettuce, romaine salad, beetroot leaves or a simple salad mix from my local store. 


After you picked your greens, you need to choose one or two fruits and handful of berries. I use apples, bananas, mango, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and so on and on. You can also use pears, pineapples, kiwis, cucumbers or whatever comes to your mind.


Then you can put additional ingredients such as avocado, ginger, lemon, parsley. I also sometimes put a little bit of grounded hem seeds (it gives a nice kind of taste). If you are using avocado, you will only need 1/4 of it.


And all you need to do now is to add about half a cup of water. And let it blend! If you think the consistence is a bit too thick for you, add another half of cup of water and you will be good.

Now you have a perfect green smoothie! It isn’t as hard as it sounds to make one and it takes literally few minutes. But is very filling and energising.

To make a real original green smoothie, you don’t need to add milk, yoghurt, coconut milk or other additional energy boosters. Professional athletes use those but if you only want a delicious breakfast which improves health or even makes you loose a bit of weight, then this guide is just perfect for you!

There is no need for pricey products and special ingredients. It’s all about simplicity and cheapness that make these smoothies so enjoyable and fun to make. So, forget about non-needed things and enjoy this simple yet so good to your body smoothie 🙂

Do you drink a green smoothie? If so, what do you use to make them? Have you got a secret recipe to share with us all?

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