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 Well, it is no secret that I have very fair skin. It is not as pale as it used to be, but it is pale enough for me to write this kind of post. During 17 years of my life being pale as heck, I came up with many problems we, fair skinned people, face almost every day. So, this post is for those who share the same frustration as me. This is for us, royal blood holders (I am totally joking, don’t take this seriously)!

When the lightest shade is too dark

This is probably one of the most frustrating problems fair skinned people have. We need to spend so much time searching for the right kind of shade for our skin and 9 of 10 times the lightest shades are too dark for us. I can not count how many times I heard about amazing foundations and wanted to try out them but simply couldn’t because they didn’t have more fair shade. FRUSTRATION IS REAL!

“You need to tan”

I swear to God, if I hear this phrase one more time, I am going to punch whoever will say it. Everyone is so adamant on letting us know that we need to get a tan. I mean, I know tan is beautiful and lots of girls like to sunbath for hours, but I am not that kind of girl. I do not get tan, I burn. Which leads to a various type of pain and red skin. Plus, maybe I like being pale and not having a tan. Why should I get a tan when I am rocking a beautiful porcelain?

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Spray tan + pale skin = Oompa Loompa

Do I need to say more? If pale girls can’t get a tan while sunbathing, next option people suggest is fake tan. But the thing is that spray tan doesn’t work on us! Unless you want us to look like a fresh Oompa Loompa from The Chocolate Factory. What makes you think that anything will work for us when we clearly are made to not get a tan (my skin is pale, c’mon! It was made to be pale, not chocolate shade).

When SPF 70 is not enough

You know that moment when you put lots of layers of sunscreen with SPF 40 and you go out feeling confident. Yeah, me neither. No matter how strong your sunscreen is, it is NOT ENOUGH! You will get that redness somewhere either way. But not putting it on is not a solution either. You will most likely turn into lobster without it.

“Look at her! She fell into strawberries!”

If you haven’t heard this phrase at all in your life, you are one lucky child. Being pale comes with this annoying fact that the slightest blush will be noticed. If you are blushing hard, then you look like a real strawberry right there. Full on red-faced strawberry, and I am not talking about a cute one. It can get a bit humiliating sometimes. Nothing us, pale girls, haven’t dealt with!

Nude, white = camouflage

You know how recently nude colour became a new fashion trend? Well, us, pale girls, are not into that trend. Nudes colours just blend with our skin tone and we look like we are about to die. No, seriously, we do look like that. That’s why we like more colourful clothes or darker shades. So that people wouldn’t miss take us for light walls in the halls.

I am sure know there are lots of problems we face that I didn’t list out here. I can probably write a book about it. But I decided that you won’t be too keen on reading 120 pages essay, so I wrote a shorter version. 

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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