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Ordinary Citizen by Xander Sterling

Vince Torres is no ordinary citizen. After killing the intruder that murdered his wife, he slips into depression, believing his life to be drained of all meaning. But what he doesn’t know is that the man he killed has allIes … and they won’t stop until they see Vince dead. There is only one thing for Vince to do in order to avenge the love of his life and secure his own future. Refusing to be a victim, he embraces a much greater destiny than he could have ever known. But there is a battle of equal proportions taking place in his mind that manifests in bizarre ways, and he soon finds out that what lies at the end of his journey isn’t what he expected …

This book actually held me captive from the first chapter. And I really mean it. The book itself is very fast paced so you can actually imagine everything like a movie of some sorts. And I am not one for those books that have no action whatsoever and are only focused on emotions. Ordinary Citizen has it all: emotions side and a lot of action. However, a lot of gangs activity, mature content and real world problems are involved in this book, so I wouldn’t suggest it for those who are very sensitive to this kind of things. But for me, it was just the right amount of dark fantasy and insanity as you all know by now that I live for this stuff. 

There were things I didn’t completely understand, but it is probably because this is a series and in order to understand book fully I need to read other ones too. Also, the main character has these bizarre dreams that made me a bit confused at times, but once I read all book, I understood what they stood for (at least I think I did). The plot keeps you hooked and questioning what will happen next, so it is quite unexpected at times and the ending really surprised me. Now I need to read the second book to find out what happens next because I am very interested if Vince will keep his word and what will happen with the current situation he is in (can’t tell much of I will give it away!).

I really recommend giving this book a go, especially if you enjoy an action-filled book with a little bit of darkness. I personally really loved reading it and going on a journey with Vince Torres. Well done, Xander!

What books do you enjoy? Any recommendations?

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