One of the worst habits I have is getting way too obsessed with things. You might be wondering: Leta, what do you mean by saying “obsessed”? Now this is the most interesting part. I very quickly can get attached to something I see or like and it can spiral into a full need to do everything to get that thing, to see it or to do it. And the worst part is that it can quickly go away as it came. I have few examples to make you understand my situation better.

Washi tapes. Last year these little things were very popular and what do you know? I instantly decided that I need them in my life. I started buying them from everywhere I could find – they are not cheap either! – and now I probably have 30 of them. The thing is that I used them maybe once or twice and some I didn’t even open yet. They are lying right there on my desk in front of my eyes and plead me to use them. Why I needed them? Why did I buy so many? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.

Coconut oil. I read so much about how good it is for your skin and health and blah blah blah. So, I decided to do oil pulling every day. Yeah, right. I got a big jar – for 10 euros might I add! – and used it maybe three times. Now it is only lying on my drawer looking like a brand new one in a shop. I was determined to do that oil pulling and after few days, I just didn’t see a point in it. SO WHY IN A BLOODY HELL DID I EVEN STARTED IT?

You see those piles of dust? 

Guitar. Few years ago I decided that I need a guitar and that I will learn how to play it. I got it for my birthday. I played it for few weeks and then it was picking dust for two years in the corner of my room. After those two years, I picked it up again and was determined to learn how to play it this time for real. I did quite good, I played it for 2 years straight! And now it’s again back to its corner. Obsessions come and go, I tell you.

YouTube. Tv Show. I get obsessed with these way too much. I see a video I like and I need to watch all 300+ videos of that person in a week because I just NEED to. Then after few weeks, I decide that I do not like this person anymore. Or same with a show. I get obsessed with certain tv shows and watch them nonstop and then I just can’t stop. I DO NOT STOP TILL I’M DONE. And then do I realise that there are still millions things I needed to do, but didn’t because I watched 6 seasons in a week instead of doing anything else.

Wattpad. Books in general. I get so into books it’s ridiculous. Once I find a book that really interests me I can’t stop reading it. Just yesterday I said I will go to sleep at 11 p.m. as I needed to get up at 7 a.m. I picked a book and started reading it just to pass some time till my bed time. And you know what? IT’S 3:30 A.M. AND THE BOOK IS READ! This is so annoying, I swear. I can’t stop reading, especially if the chapter ends with a cliffhanger – I just need to see what happens next, I am too excited. And it’s always the same excuse “It’s the last chapter, then I go to bed”. Yeah, riiight. Then comes chapter after that chapter and then another one and look the book is finished and it looks like you are getting no sleep whatsoever.

And there are a whole lot more things I get obsessed with and which end up with the same reaction “What the hell, Leta?”. I am sorry if I just came off as a retard, but this is my life and this blog is all about that life. Hope you enjoyed this little rant about myself and I didn’t scare you off. 

Do you get obsessed with certain things?