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I can not count how many times I heard a phrase ‘I am not in a mood’ from my friends or just people I met. At first, I embraced it with a thought that we all have those days when we don’t feel full on happy. But with a time, this phrase started to annoy me. And now it irks me every time I hear it. We, ourselves, dictate our life and make decisions. So, why we sometimes stop doing that and just let feelings dictate our life. Only we can decide whenever to be happy or sad. And saying ‘I am not in a mood’ is not a strong enough argument to feel sad and get everyone around you feeling down. 

I never in my life (at least I don’t remember) have ever said this phrase or felt like it’s ‘not my day’. I simply do not believe in this. I am always trying to stay positive, smile and be simply happy. And don’t confuse this with fake happiness and faking. I am truly happy because there is no reason for me not to be. Yes, I get frustrated, angry or sad – it’s normal. And 100% of that time I have a valid reason behind it. But ‘not being in the mood’ isn’t a valid reason. This is not even a reason at all. The mood is always here, we just choose to ignore it. We are creators of our own. We decide whenever we feel good or bad.

And by saying this phrase, you only make yourself believe that you are sad and also ruin others day or happiness. You get this kind of a sadness bubble that you carry with you and infect everyone with it. If you really feel that unwell, suck it up. And I am telling you this with so much kindness and plead. You may have no idea how much you impact others life and feelings. I woke up today feeling very good and inspired and you only ruined it by sulking and snapping at everything. So, please, stop being ‘not in the mood’ and start by believing in yourself and smiling. It really can make a change. If it doesn’t it’s still worth a try. Al least you will know that you tried.

Start your day with a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you love to drink and tell to yourself: “Today is a good day to have a great day”. Just try to start your day with positive thought and you will see what a difference it can make. It’s not others who impact our feeling, but us. By starting your day with a good attitude, you will only get a great result – a wonderful day. So, why be ‘moody’ and angry with yourself then you can feel great and positive?

I hope I didn’t offend anyone, but only made realise something today. This post came from the bottom of my heart because I simply can’t deal anymore with people ruining my day simply because they are ‘not in the mood’ and think that it’s okay to poison others with it. 

UPDATE: Maybe I didn’t put this post in the right words to get my point across. What I meant to say with this post is that I can’t stand when people let their emotions control their actions. I hate the thing that people sometimes snap, yell, shout, glare, are rude to others because they feel sad, down or bad. I am not saying that I don’t have those days when I feel down. What I am saying is that if I am feeling down, I try to think positive and if it doesn’t work, I just try to make the best of it. I don’t snap at the person, I don’t yell, I don’t shout or roll my eyes at them if I feel like their talking or questions make me feel even worse. I tell them nicely that I need some alone time or I talk things out with them. And I suggest you to do the same if you are one of those people who likes to snap and yell once someone asks you ‘is everything alright?’. Do you get me now? And I am not talking about people who suffer from depression or other mental illness, they are completely different case (that I am thinking of writing a post soon about a.k.a. my life)


Are you one of those people? Share your opinion on this matter.

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