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Hello, people! I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. I’d like to officially apologise for spamming your timelines on Twitter because of Eurovision. But I noticed that no one unfollowed me so I guess it didn’t bother you too much, haha. Also, congratulations to Ukraine for being absolutely beautiful and amazing yesterday. It was such a powerful song and Jamala’s voice is simply wonderful. My country, Lithuania, came 9th!! And I am so freaking happy about that. I couldn’t be prouder of Donny Montell who doesn’t stop surprising us with his incredible voice and wonderful personality. This is our second best score in Eurovision of all time. And that’s a big step for our country. Now I am very excited for Olympics! We are going to rock those. 

Anyways, let’s get to the actual post. Today, I decided to share few photographs that I took and took a really big liking to. The one thing they all have in common is nature. And it might come a no surprise to some of you that I do enjoy nature and spending time in it. I am more of a countryside kind of girl rather than a city. And I do spend quite a lot of my free time in there. 

There is no better place to relax and re-charge than a magical forest, a walk around the lake or a long hike. I do not only feel at ease there but get that feeling of utter euphoria. Life looks so incredibly beautiful there. Everything becomes insignificant. The reason behind the fight that you had with your friend appears to be silly. A constant worry for not doing something good enough vanishes. All those sad, angry and frustrating thoughts that have been running in your head this whole week are replaced with blank ones.

At times like this, so many crazy and wild ideas start flowing in the head. You get an inspiration and relaxation at the same time. The most amazing ideas for my blog posts were born while I was in nature. Some go there to get away from their worries, some to think. I got to forget and to get inspired afterwards. If I feel extremely low a walk in the forest or park will make my spirit go up. A ride with my bicycle around the lake will help me to re-charge. And most importantly it will make me feel grounded again. 

Where do you feel the most relaxed in?
Have you watched Eurovision?
What you thought of it and what place your country took?

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