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Today I have a beauty post for you. I recently got to try out two makeup products from a brand called ‘Uoga Uoga’ (tr. Berry Berry) It’s a Lithuanian brand that makes only natural and fresh cosmetics. They have everything from shampoos to lipglosses. I already was familiar with this brand and used their shampoo and conditioner and they worked amazingly. And now I got to try out their makeup range! I got Natural Blush Powder “That Real Rose”* and Natural Lip Gloss “Wind Catcher”*.Β 

Even though it’s a Lithuanian brand and not very popular all around the world, you can still get them at their online shop or at E-NaturalProducts. It’s a UK based online shop that sells natural cosmetic from all around the world. I got these from it and I can say that the service is very great and helpful. And shipping is a fast one too!

Natural Lip Gloss “Wind Catcher”* | This is a lipgloss with lingonberry extract. I fell in love with this lip gloss immediately. It’s not only free of any synthetic colours or fragrance, but has valuable natural oils, berry extract, and natural minerals. Can it get any better? It can! The colour is this very light peachy shade that suits my lips very well. I usually stay away from lip glosses as they tend to make my lips very big and shiny and I am not a massive fan of that. But this lip gloss doesn’t do that and I don’t really know why or how but I’m up for it. It has the shine, so don’t worry. But it’s not very super shiny and I love it. It does make my lips feel soft. And the scent isn’t too overwhelming. It’s this nice lingonberry scent which I can deal with. It’s very easy to apply and it stays for a long time. I only had to fix it up two times in total while I was out with my girls.

VERDICT? I would really suggest you try this lip gloss if you are looking for something light yet very rich for your lips. They also have more shades if peachy isn’t up in your street!

Natural Blush Powder “That Real Rose”* | This blush powder is with amber which is very popular in Lithuania. The first impression of this blush was that the shade is absolutely beautiful. It’s this kind of cold rose shade but very light one. It suits my skin tone very well and looks very natural when applied. This product is also free of any damaging products and even says to help with skin healing process if you have any imperfections. It is super pigmented, so a little bit goes a long way! I love the packaging and how it has this closing thing, so the product doesn’t get all over the place. Also, it stays on for a very long time and is very easy to apply. All in all, I love it!

VERDICT? I swear, I’m not just saying it, I really love this blush and you should definitely try it out. It’s a very nice shade for fair skinned people as it doesn’t look fake or caked.Β 

Have you tried Uoga Uoga? What natural makeup products do you use?
*These products were sent to me to review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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