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Let’s be honest here, we all are scared of something. It’s in our nature to be scared of certain things, animals. I am no different. So, I came up with a little list of fears that I have. Take a cup of tea before reading, it may take a while (joking! (am I?)).

1. Freaking snakes. I can not deal with them. If I see one, I scream. No other scenario.

2. Death. If you say that you aren’t, then you are lying not only to others but to yourself too. We all fear death because we don’t know what comes after it. Do you just disappear (that would be a way to scary for me (you know, just stop existing, that’s scary))? Reincarnate? We will never know and that scares us. Well, at least me.

3. Heights. I am scared of height. Tall buildings that you need to go up to – no. See-through floor – absolutely no! I just can’t deal with it.

4. Swimming in the sea, lake, river. Nope. Just no. I don’t see the ground and that freaks me out. I need to be sure of what I am stepping into. I will not even step a foot into that lake if don’t see the ground. Maybe that’s why I can’t swim… (don’t judge me! I am scared of the freaking water!)

5. Losing my family member. This may be obvious, but I am scared of losing someone close to me. Just the mere thought of losing my brother, mother or father makes me anxious. I don’t know what I will do if I lose one of them (and at some point in life I will and that’s scary to me).

6. Public speaking. I absolutely hate speaking in front of people, it makes me too damn nervous and anxious even. I feel like puking and that’s not a nice sight.

7. Beetles. Don’t get me started on those things. I know all creatures are special and it’s a nature thing. BUT THEY ARE NOT MY KIND OF CREATURES!

8. Blood. I am freaking scared of blood, okay? Don’t even make me look at your wound or something that involves blood. If you do, you will have a weird passed out girl on the floor beside you. I am not joking.

9. Roller coasters. These are similar to the third one, but it’s a different kind of fear. While I am afraid of heights, I can somehow manage to talk myself into going up that tall building. But roller coasters is an absolute no, no. I went on one while I am in Germany a few years ago. Safe to say, I am not going on another one. I was trying not to puke, pass out and my eyes were probably closed for all the ride. This thing doesn’t excite me, it makes me want to turn very religious and beg for mercy.

10. Meeting new people. Yep, I said it. I am not one for meeting new people. I always overthink things, make a fool of myself and probably look like a weirdo. And that’s why I was born introvert. 

11. Future. I am absolutely petrified just thinking about it. I don’t know what is waiting for me or what I am going to do once I am out of school and will become an adult. Which leads me to the 12th fear.

12. Being adult. I am not looking forward. Too many things that I will need to take care of and start thinking of. Taxes, bills, car, house, job. Naaaaaah, I am happy being a kid!

What are your fears?

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