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Hello and happy late Easter! I hope you had a great time celebrating it or just having a fun and relaxing weekend if you don’t celebrate it. I most certainly did have a good time eating lots of chocolate and homemade dishes from my grandmother. 

I must admit that I’m not a very religious person, so I am not very into Easter as a religious celebration. I like to think about it as eggs decorating day or something. Speaking about decorating eggs, we always dye them with onion skins in our family as it is like a little Easter tradition. This year we also tried out decorating them with nail polish but it didn’t turn out very good as you can see in the picture. Also, all fridge smelled funny because of them. So, not a very good choice for Easter eggs decoration.

The Easter day was spent at my grandmother’s house. She made lots of delicious and mouth watering dishes and it’s safe to say that we got full very fast. It was a very relaxing and fun day spent chatting with family, drinking wine and just having a good time. 

Like I said, I am not a very religious person and my mother isn’t either, but my grandmother is kind of religious. She doesn’t go to the church every Sunday and I don’t think that she owns a bible. But she believes in God and depends on him. You would never see her doing anything crazy for the God like some very loyal Christians do. She loves him in her own way and I admire her for that. She never once made us feel pressured to believe in Him or to be religious and I am very thankful for that.

How your Easter went? What did you do?

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