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Can you believe it’s October already? I sure can’t. It seems like just a few days ago I was in Palanga with two of my best friends having a time of our life and now I am in university doing things I never thought I would. 3 more months and it will be time for 2017. That is crazy.

So I decided to create mini monthly goals for myself from now on to make sure that I won’t waste this precious time. I always set myself some kind of goals or resolutions as some say but I never wrote them down to make it official. That’s probably why I never truly reached those goals and sometimes even forgot about them. So from now on I shall be a very productive and ambitious person! Let’s see how long that will last…


To reach 1k on Twitter | I am so close to my first 1k and I am quite surprised that so many people followed me and are interested in hearing my daily ramblings and other nonsense. But I am also very happy and grateful that I have such an amazing audience. So one of my goals is to finally hit that 1k. If you want to help me, feel free to do that by following me HERE!

Be more engaged in all social media | Not sure how to explain this goal more than I already did. I tend to focus on one social media channel usually and that isn’t very good. I want to be more active on Facebook, Pinterest and, of course, Snapchat, because I feel like I abandoned them all recently. Sorry for that. I am going to try to fix this.

Plan Blogmas | I know that it’s only October but you can never be too prepared for Blogmas. It seriously takes a lot of time and creativity to actually complete all 25 days. I am going to try my best to make this Blogmas more fun and interesting than last year. I just need a lot of creative ideas. That’s all.

Finish Disclaimer, Advertise pages | I’ve been a very bad blogger recently. I was so unproductive and been postponing this work for so long. It’s been a month! I seriously need to get a grip. I will write these pages and I will post them this month. I promise.


Start driving lessons | I am the worst at starting something that I am dreading. My whole family and close friends been asking me nonstop whenever I’ll start learning how to drive. I really am terrified but I know that I need to get this over with. Having license is a major plus while being a student and living in Lithuania. I know that and I am making one of my goals to ACTUALLY do it this month.

Be more open to opportunities | I love to stay in my comfort zone. Nothing feels better than being in my safe zone where I am in control and I don’t need to feel afraid. But I know that I am missing out on lots of amazing opportunities while staying in that comfort zone. This month I will try to be less scared of trying new things and will accept at least one invitation that I would normally decline.

Finish reading a book | I remember being such a bookworm back then. I read so much and now I just don’t find time anymore to do that. I started reading a book about two months ago and I haven’t finished it! It’s not that it isn’t interesting. I just don’t find a time or forget about it. This is getting ridiculous.

Make a vision board | Another thing that I’ve been postponing for a while now. It just needs to be done and quickly. I had a vision board back at our old apartment and I do feel a difference now when I don’t have it in my room. Vision board motivates me and makes me appreciate things that I did more. This month is going to be a month when I get a new vision board.

Goals and Plans for October, 2016 | The Nerdy Me


2nd – Pink Run 5km | Running 5km to support women who were affected by breast cancer.

18th – Cannes Lions Best Adverts of 2016 | I always wanted to attend this event and I think I am going to make it happen this year. It’s one of the most creative and funniest events of the year.

23rd – #GGMovieNight | I never actually participated in this movie night and I heard so many wonderful things about it. It seems so fun and I’m hoping to experience it this month. Plus we’ll be watching Hocus Pocus and that’s my favourite Halloween movie!

28th – Basketball game | Our home team will be playing against Tel Avivo “Maccabi” and that’s a game a true fan should not miss. I will try my best to attend it and fingers crossed that I will make it.

28th – 31st – Halloween party | There will be few parties and events happening from 28th to 31st of October for Halloween and I will try to attend one of them this year. Still not sure if it will happen but hoping it will.

What are your goals for this month? Any exciting plans?

Will you be celebrating Halloween?

Are you joining #GGMovieNight?


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