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Happy December everyone! I am both excited and dreadful about this month. It means Christmas but it also means piles of assignments and finals. I am not ready for that. Anyways, let’s see how I did in November:


I posted at least 1 time per week. I’m so happy with myself that I managed to post at least one post per week in November and this sounds completely ridiculous. University is killing me right now with all the assignments and exams. Someone just please set me on fire and let me die. Yes, I’m at that level of being done.

I set up Goodreads account. Yes, I finally did it. I sat down one day and filled out that account form. You can all find me here. I will try to be an active person this time and will most likely set reading goal for 2017 too. So excited!

I went to all 3 events I planned on going to: I went to see The River of Souls, I went to Krakow again for the weekend and I went to a stand-up comedy show which was amazing.


I kind of didn’t prepare for Blogmas. I swear I thought I had it all under control but then everything slipped through my fingers and I was left with a thought that maybe this year is not going to be the year I complete Blogmas. I know I won’t succeed writing daily for 24 days when I have so much work to do. I’m sorry for making you all excited and hopeful. It doesn’t mean that I won’t post at all in December!

I didn’t read a single book. Well, I started reading one and I’m on the 24th page of it. Not so much of a progress… I struggled to find the time and maybe I didn’t have the motivation I needed to read it. Either way, I am not happy about this and I will continue to improve my reading habit.

Plans and goals for December | The Nerdy MeI wouldn’t say that I did badly this month. I achieved quite a lot of great goals I have set for myself and I went to many events. I went to two basketball games this month too apart from the events I planned on going to which is amazing for me. Also, I went to Krakow with my good friend, had an amazing time there and even learned few great life lessons from my personal life experiences. Before I get too sentimental or go off topic, let’s see what goals I have set for myself for this December!

Plans and goals for December | The Nerdy Me


Finish secret project | Uhhh, seeecrets. Anyways, I need to finish this project or I won’t be able to make it on time. I can’t tell you much but some of you people may already know few bits and pieces about it. I will surely blog about it, so no worries.

Post at least 6 posts during December | I went from 24 daily posts to 6 real quick. I am not doing Blogmas but I will surely post festive posts and I will try to make them as good and as interesting as possible. But next year Blogmas is a must!


Finish reading the book | I am making one of my goals this month to finish the book that I have started reading and it is Look Who’s Back by Timur Vermes. You can follow my progress on my Goodreads page where I’ll be constantly updating the pages I have read so far. I am going to be so disappointed in myself if I won’t finish it.

Make my room festive | Not so much of a goal, more like a task but I still need to write it in this list to make sure I don’t forget. I already got lights, bedding and all that jazz. I want more decorations for my desk and walls. Any suggestions?


3rd – Girls night out & Home Alone | Christmas season has officially started and that means Home Alone movies! I’m so ready and excited about this. Also, I plan on having a girls’ night in because I could really use a nice evening with one of my best friends when we just have fun, talk about the things that bother us or that we love and just relax. I need this kind of evening.

8th – Me, You and Music 2016 | My faculty is organising an annual event where people gather to listen to music, drink coffee and just talk, have fun. I think it would be a very nice event to attend and maybe spot few new talents.

9th – 11th – Trip to Berlin | Would you look at that, two countries in two months. I am going to Berlin that weekend to visit Christmas markets and just to explore the city a bit. A little weekend getaway is always a good idea, wouldn’t you say?

15th – Colours of Bubbles concert | I plan on going to this concert with few of my friends. It’s an indie rock band and you need to listen to their music if you like this genre. Freaking amazing, my favourite songs are Wane, Home, Cut It Out and Phoenix.

21st – Classic Live Show by M.Levickis | Lithuanian accordionist who is known worldwide for his amazing talent at making magical performances. He will be doing interpretations of classical masterpieces. Check out his website here and thank me later.

Are you doing Blogmas?

What are your plans for December?


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