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The time has come once again for a month’s favorites. Can you believe that summer is over?! I most certainly don’t. It flew away so fast and it looks like just a few days ago it started. If I could, I would rewind all those lovely moments that I had this summer and re-live it once again. However, this is no Hogwarts (admit it, it would be pretty damn awesome!) and we can’t do any hokus pokus. What we can do is just be happy that it happened and look over the things we have been loving this last month of the summer (talk about topic changing).

In my last favourites (click here to read!), I mentioned only skincare kind of products as the weather was very hot and I wasn’t using any makeup at all. This month isn’t any different. My makeup is at the lowest point and I am not complaining. It gives my skin a break and I, actually, do enjoy being without makeup, even though I am breaking out like crazy. It’s the skin I live in and sometimes I can’t do anything more than just embrace it. 

Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture + Matte: You may have remember this one from my old haul post (read here!). And yes, it finally made it to my favourites list. It’s very lightweight which I love about creams. It absorbs very fast and keeps my skin matte. Also, it’s a very good moisturiser for an oily skin. 

Noreva Exfoliac NC gel: I think I wrote about this guy in my skincare routine post (read here about my current skincare!). I had changed this one for few months into a different gel and my skin got very bad. I couldn’t find this NC gel for forever, all chemistries were out of it. But finally, after long searching, I found it again. My skin got clearer instantly and break outs disappear faster. I will never stop using this one for sure. Lesson learned. 

Aussie Luscious Long conditioner: Originally, this conditioner is for ‘hair long enough to swish’ (a quote from the packaging). But my hair a short and it still works perfectly fine for me. This conditioner is with Australian Blue Mountain Blend and it makes my hair soooo soft and silky like. I love this product so much, I am obsessed with it! Need to try more of this brand for sure. 

Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo: Can I get a hallelujah?! I finally found Batiste products in my city. I actually though that I will never get my hands on them as it’s ALWAYS sold out. I am so happy that I found it because this stuff is amazing! It removes shine and gives a good boost of volume. Plus, it smells very nice (me and my scents again). Love it. Love it. Love it. 

Lovea Hand Cream with Burkina Shea Butter: I was looking with my mother for a hand cream in my local drugstore recently. God knows we are both obsessed with good scented ones. So, we picked this one just for the delicious scent it had. I didn’t expect much from it. Boy was I surprised! Just after one use my hands were soft, hydrated and smelling heavenly. I love this cream! It has this melting texture which gets absorbed very fast. Get this one and you won’t regret it, I swear. Plus, it’s quite cheap. 

Eveline Cosmetics Total Action 8 in 1 Nail conditioner: This nail conditioner is healing kind of. It makes your nails stronger and it grows a bit faster. After I took my gel nails off, I needed something for them as they were sooo thin and weak. This nail polish strengthens them in two weeks. You need to put one layer one day, the second one on the next day. On the third day you put one more layer and on the fourth day you wipe it off. After wiping it off, you put one layer on and continue this routine till you are satisfied with your results. I actually like wearing this nail polish/conditioner just for fun as it gives a nice touch and nails look a bit better than bare. 

I’ve been listening to so many songs this month, but here are my three favourites from them all: 

One Direction – Drag Me Down

Lost Frequencies ft. Janiec Devy – Reality

Calvin Harris – How Deep Is Your Love

Also, I have been loving Pretty Little Liars. For those, who are smarter and don’t spend their all time watching tv shows, it’s a tv show based on Sara Shepard books. I spent five years watching this show and just a week ago I found out who A is (a person sendind threats and going after 4 girls). I have way too many feels right now about the finale. If you watch PLL, please discuss with me about it! I am still very confused and shocked. 

And I think that’s all. Nooo, scratch it. I have been loving Paper Towns movie. I watched it awhile ago and loved it sooo much. I need to read a book asap! Of course, I can not include the amazing Inside Out movie. I watched it a week ago with my brother and I can safely say that the movie gave me so many emotions and good vibes. Worth to see for sure. And now, it’s all. I hope you are having a wonderful morning/day/evening whereever you are 🙂 


What you have been loving this month? 

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