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Happy first day of summer!(or winter if that’s your case). It’s that time again when I feel the need to rave a bit about my month’s favorites! So without other non-needed stuff let’s get to it, shall we?

Beauty wise I don’t have many new things since last month. I am still in love with Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara and still going strong with Biosilk Therapy (more about them in my April’s Favorites post!). But here are few new products I’ve been loving.

Maybelline Fit me! Liquid foundation: It’s obviously an old product but it’s my all time favourite so far. It’s light coverage one, it blends very nicely and lasts pretty good amount of time especially if I use my Garnier Moisturizing cream (Have you read my Current Skin Care post?) under it. I am in shade 110. It’s one of the reasons why I love it, I am very pale and it’s hard to find the perfect shade for me but this foundation is a best one so far!

Maybelline Master Shape brown pencil: This is a wonderful brow pencil for those who don’t need much just a bit of contouring or sharpening here and there. I am using in shade Dark Blond and it’s pretty damn close to my natural eyebrows color which I am very happy about. I love natural looking eyebrows and this pencil gives it for me!

Maybelline COLORAMA nail polish: I am in love with this color! I’ve been looking for a good grey colored nail polish for ages and came across this one last month. Love it, love it, love it (this very excited me right here). It’s not too dark or light and looks very good with all outfits! Plus, do you see the love I am feeling for Maybelline products right now? This is ridiculous but Maybelline, you are doing something right!

Dove rich nourishment cream: this is like that one cream every woman used to have in her purse about ten years ago (pretty granny of me). But I just couldn’t not include it. This cream saved my life! Recently, I started getting very bad dry patches on my legs. They were irritating my skin and a lot of scratching happened while sleeping (I swear, I looked like group of cats attacked me). I picked this cream in drugstore and hoped for the best. AND THE BEST HAPPENED! I don’t have any dry patches anymore and my skin is very smooth and soft. I recommend this granny stuff for all those who are dealing with dry patches (a.k.a. devil’s spawns).

Fa Greek Yogurt – Almond shower cream: This is another thing sent from heaven! It has extra yoghurt proteins which are good for your skin. It’s also gives a fresh kind of feeling (which every shower cream, gel should!). The main reason why it’s in my favourites  – THE SCENT! I don’t know what it is with me and nice smells but this stuff is wonderful! It’s almond, vanilla scent. It’s on the sweeter side but God help me it’s to do die for!

Music vice I’ve been non-stop listening to these three songs:

See you again – Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Bad blood -Taylor Swift

Goodbye to yesterday – Elina Born and Stig Rasta 

There isn’t anything more to say about them. Listen if you haven’t yet, fell in love and thank me later!

Tv series I loved this month is – no surprise here – The Vampire Diaries. If you don’t know what it is, you should check it out like right now! And for those who watch it, what did you think of the grand finale? I am still unsure if I love it or hate it.


And that’s all favourites of May! What are yours?