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Let’s get few things straight. I do not like painting my nails, taking care of them and all that jazz. It’s just the most stressful, annoying beauty thing for me. I dislike doing nails and everything that has to do with their care. I am weird like that. Shout out to all who hate it as well!

The thing is I like when my nails look nice, polished and pretty. I just hate doing all that work. So I try to encourage myself by buying the cutest shades of nail polishes. But the most frustrating part is removing nail polish. This is the thing I despise the most. Removers not only smell horrible (stinky things) with that alcohol, acetone scent but they also leave my nails scrappy. However, recently I came across L’oreal la Manicure remover. It changed my life. I can not imagine it without it!

It removes nail polish fast and you don’t need much of it just a few drops. It leaves nails very clean and even soft which is a huge plus. My nails aren’t scrappy and dry anymore. They look more than decent!

Now to the best part (yes, this wasn’t the main point). IT DOESN’T STINK! Yes, my friends, it doesn’t have that horrendous acetone stink in it. I mean, you wouldn’t want to smell it straight from the bottle but it’s for sure isn’t smelly. Once you remove nail polish from your nails, it leaves nice marzipan kind of smell. And it is enough to buy me! I love marzipan. The scent, the taste, the color. Everything.

What more you can want from the nail polish? Nice scent? Check! Removal? Check! Here is the overview if you still are debating:

Name: La Manicure Remover

Brand: L’oreal

Title: clean and soft nails

Advantages: marzipan scent, pinky color, soft nails, fast removing

Disadvantages: I’d say the bottle itself as it is big and doesn’t have that thing that doesn’t let liquid spill out (do you get what I mean?). I sometimes end up spilling it everywhere (but after it, the house smells like marzipan cookies! That’s a plus)

Where you can get it: drugstore, local shop, supermarket (practically everywhere)

Price: around 10$

 Have you tried it? Do you have any nail polish removers which I should try out?

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