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I never thought that I’ll be writing a post where I’ll be trying to apologise for the third time about my lack of posts on The Nerdy Me. And I am sorry. I know that some of you are probably sick of my wines and apologises and are rolling the eyes at this post. But I do still hope that the larger part of you aren’t doing that and will somehow understand the situation I am in right now.

My life has been hectic and you all know that by now. I am working full time and counting the days till my last day there. 7 more to go, by the way. After that, I’m taking a week off before starting an university in September. I am very nervous about all of this and I have no idea what to expect. And my anxiety levels have been quite high these past few weeks, so that does not help with the situation.

To add to my constant routine which is more than boring and tiring, I’ve been spending time organising, brainstorming and researching for THE big change that I have been talking about non-stop for a while now. And now I can announce that I’ll be relaunching The Nerdy Me on the 4th of September!

This is the announcement that I’ve been thinking, planning and creating for about 5 months and I am very excited about it. I hope you are too. I changed over the year of blogging and I feel like The Nerdy Me needs a little bit of adjusting to do to fit, reflect me better. Nothing too major, so don’t worry, it’s still going to be The Nerdy Me and I’ll still be providing the content that I’ve been creating this whole journey. However, this time TNM will reflect me better, will be better quality wise and more exciting if I can say so.

I have so many projects, plans and even crazy ideas lined up for the future that I am too excited to share with you. I can promise that The Nerdy Me will come back with a bang and you won’t know that hit you. Jokes, maybe it won’t be as exciting.

So, after announcing this re-launch I want to be 100% honest with you all. I need to take a break from blogging. I need to sit down and talk with myself about all this launch and my life in general. I need to find the answer on how I am going to manage all of this while studying and trying to keep myself sane and happy. Right now I am not in the happiest place and it’s saddening me a lot. I do know that I’ll be back to my normal and happy self after I’ll sort out everything with my blog and personal life. But right now it’s not the time and I am too far away from solving everything.

I wanted to write this post to explain to you all why I’ve been missing for so long and why this little internet space was all over the place. And I do hope that you got a clearer picture right now. So to get everything straight for you, this is a short summary of this messy post:

The Nerdy Me will be re-launched on 4th of September.

Till 4th of September I probably won’t be posting on The Nerdy Me.

I’ll be having a break and will put all of my attention, energy and heart in planning the re-launch.

I still will be popping there and there on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat (thenerdyme_blog) and maybe Facebook.

I honestly hope you do understand and will stick by till the re-launch. I can’t focus on the future if I’m still stuck in the past and the chaos of now. That’s why I made this decision and that’s why I need your help. I shared Readers Survey on my last post and I want to thank you for the support you gave me. And I want to encourage all of you who haven’t submitted it already to do it. It will only take 5-10 minutes but it will mean a lot to me. Your opinion matters, so don’t be silent, speak up.

That’s all for now. I’m not saying goodbye or anything, not in a million years. I’m saying see you soon. We’ll meet again on the 4th of September to turn the new page together.

Much much love,


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