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On the February 16th in 1918, the Act of Independence of Lithuania was signed. It was the day of freedom, joy and a day when all Lithuanians united and rose Lithuania from the grip of Czarist Russia hands. We became an independent nation till the Soviet Union invaded us in 1940 and we lost the freedom once again. But that’s the story for the other day. 

Yesterday, on the 16th, we were celebrating our Independence day and probably the most important one. We have three of them. Independence Day is always celebrated in Lithuania in a very grand style. There are lots of festivities, concerts, public speeches and parades. It’s a national celebration in our country that we, Lithuanians, are very proud of. There are always national anthem singing and solemn ceremony of the flag raising. 

In the capital, Vilnius City, the president of Lithuania – currently Dalia Grybauskaitė – makes a grand speech and honors all the signatures of the act who passed away. However, I do not live in Vilnius and can’t say much about how it went there. You probably have already picked the fact that I live in Kaunas and it so happens to be the second largest city in Lithuania and the temporary capital as well. So, Kaunas always goes with a bang on celebrations like these.

I couldn’t happier and thankful to be born in such a beautiful and historical country. There might be less than 3 millions of us out there, but we don’t fail to surprise the worlds. We are famous for our basketball team, beautiful girls, good beer and language that is established as one of the most euphonious in the world! Anyways, I am getting ahead of myself ( I just really love my country and am very proud, can you tell?). One the days like this, you just can not be prouder to be Lithuanian. 


Aaaand this is how my post was supposed to be, now there should have been tons of beautiful and fun photographs from the celebration. But as you can see, THERE ARE NO PHOTOS! Wondering why? Because things sometimes don’t go as planned. I got sick. And I had to spend all day at home drinking all types of medicine and sleeping my fever off. Now as I am typing this I feel a bit disappointed as I really wanted to show you all how nice and big this celebration is in my country, but my plans failed. My body is now full of all types of fluids: chamomile tea, other herbal tea, another tea, water, chicken soup, medicine, another medicine and etc. BASICALLY I’M A MESS! 

But enough about me. What I wanted to say is that things sometimes don’t work out, plans go wrong, they change and can mess up all your day, but you just have to work with what you’ve got. Don’t mope around about the negative, make positive out of it. Like I said many times before: “Try to stay as positive as you can”. And I will forever stand by this. Look at me! I could be stressing out, thinking of a different post to write, but here I am writing the same post I was supposed to but with a little twist. Learn to do that twist when needed.

Where are you from? When and how do you celebrate your Independence day?

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