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10:03 a.m. Sunday [ 22nd of November 2015]

I open my eyes and hop out of the bed feeling rather exhausted but the smell of breakfast is way too luring to ignore and sleep in more. Loud talking is heard outside my room, but so much exhaustion to even try and listen in to understand at least the only one word that is being said. I open my curtains and bright light makes its way into my dark room, I close my eyes for a second. I think I went blind, but then I open my eyes and see it. 



A mesmerising view. 

Big snowflakes are slowly falling down to the ground where they blend into one big giant sea of snow. It is actually snowing! The biggest smile comes onto my face and I can now hear my little brother shouting outside my room “Do you want to build a snowman, Leta?!“.


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I admit I am not the biggest fan of the winter season. Cold, mud and all those snowstorms are not my kinds of things. But I can not deny that snow is a beautiful sign to see, especially during Christmas, New Years and my birthday, of course. So imagine my surprise when I woke up this Sunday and saw that it is actually snowing! I was shocked for few minutes but then started grinning like an idiot. Because it was so damn beautiful. I took some photos for you. Enjoy 🙂

Have you had your first snow yet? 

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