REVIEW: Irresistible Me hair styler review

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My hair used to be long and by long I mean very long. But they were very far away from being healthy, so cut them off. Yeah, a bit dramatic but that’s what I did and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love having short hair even if they can be a real pain in a certain area sometimes.  Apart from that, I adore the fact that they look amazingly when curled and when straightened. They even kind of look nice when messy which is a big bonus.

Anyways, when I received an email from Irresistible Me asking if I wanted to review their products, I didn’t hesitate any bit. And you I am ALWAYS hesitant when it comes to reviews.

I chose to try out their straightener what has a very fancy Diamond Hair Styler name. Now I was looking for a nice straightener for a while now and this one came on the right time. I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting a lot from this brand since I heard and read so many amazing and positive reviews from other bloggers. Let’s see if they were fulfilled, shall we?

The package arrived very quickly I must say. I think it took about 9 days if I remember correctly. The packaging wasn’t damaged or anything and looked in a good condition. So bonus points for the brand! Moving on to the more important details.

The box in which the straightener came looked so sleek and had a very professional touch too. I snapped few photos for you. Take a look at how nice it looks!

irresitible-me-brand-diamond-hair-styler-review packaging-flat-iron-review hair-straightener-reviewNow that we all aw’ed and admired the packaging, we can talk about the product itself. Straightener didn’t look cheap despite its weight. It’s so freaking light! And that is super convenient if you want to take it with you while travelling.

After trying it out few times I can already say that I love how it works. I don’t have super frizzy hair but they do need a bit of maintenance and this straightener did an amazing job at it. My hair looked shiny, very straight and dare I say quite natural. I even tried to make curls with it and I was impressed! I can imagine how many hairstyles I’ll be trying out now. Also, a big plus is that the styling lasts very long. My hair didn’t get frizzy when I went out and the weather was quite humid. I can’t say anything about super curly hair as I don’t have one but I think that it would be just as long lasting. So far this straightener didn’t disappoint me.

The only downside of it is probably that it comes with an American plug, so I had to buy socket adaptor. Good thing that those things are cheap. Asides from that, I can’t name anything bad about it.

Irresistible Me Hair Straightener review


Oh, I almost forgot! I love the fact that you can turn the cord however you want, it spins around itself and that is a genius idea. Also, all the buttons are inside of a flat iron, so I don’t need to worry about accidently pressing them and changing settings. Speaking of settings, it heats up very quickly! It takes about 20 seconds or so and you can already start styling your hair. A very good thing when you are in the hurry.

I don’t know what else to say apart from the fact that I love this straightener and it is my go-to styler right now. It seriously makes my life easier and less complicated. Especially when I am being a moody mess in the mornings.

Have you tried Irresistible Me products?

Do you use a straightener? If yes, which one?


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