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Happy Sunday, guys! I hope you had a wonderful week and today is the day for relaxation after all the work you have done. Now if you feel like your week wasn’t as good as it could be and you haven’t done the things or assignments that you wished to do, this post will come very handy then. I am going to teach you how to get things done in a faster and more productive way. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a pupil, a full-time employee or a blogger. These real tips will help all of you to actually do the work you need.

Exclaimer: This post won’t be very useful if you won’t actually try the tips I will give you. I am no Harry Potter and I don’t have any spells to make you be a productive person if you won’t try to become one.

Make ONLY realistic to-do lists

No need to write bazillion things and then lose motivation of that once you look at the list and realise that you still have tonnes of work to do. Your list should include 3 main things that MUST be done that day and few smaller ones. Don’t write an essay but don’t list only two big things because you won’t be able to do them too if they require lots of time and researching. To-do lists aren’t as easy as you think they are. They require time and lots of thinking to make them actually work and help you instead of making you dizzy with all the information and work that you will need to do.

Take breaks regularly

You can work as hard as you can but if you won’t have few breaks in the process, your brain will burn out and you will loose all the motivation and inspiration to do anything. Pomodoro technique is a great way to include breaks in your working hours. It’s very simple to follow too. All you need to do is work intensively for 25 minutes (set a timer if you need) then take 5 minutes break to relax. Then repeat. You should take longer breaks (usually 15-20, but you can take however long you wish up to 30 minutes) every 4 Pomodoros to make you feel recharged and ready to tackle another 25 minutes of intense work. Trust me, this technique does wonders and it’s one if the reasons why I managed to stay so productive with my school work and blogging.

Postpone only in case of an emergency

Postponing shouldn’t exist in one’s vocabulary if it’s not an actual emergency. ALWAYS do tasks you have set for yourself and try to never postpone them. Postponing is a very tricky thing and once you try it you will keep doing it. You will postpone the poem you have to learn one week and you won’t learn it till it’s the last day because you have been postponing it ever since. And it would have been two months already. Not like that has ever happened to me… Anyways. Do the tasks you have written on your to-do list and you will be fine. But in order to do that, you need to have a realistic to-do list.

Conquer your to-do list - reach your goals!

Use apps only if they work for you

I am talking about those apps that almost every ‘how to be productive’ post includes. There is no wrong in using the ones like How To Get Sh*t Done or the ones that block all social media websites for a certain amount of time. But the thing with these apps is that they won’t do much good if you will cheat. No one is here to tell you that it’s wrong to set the ban for 30 minutes and then cancel it when you feel like it apart from yourself. So, instead of putting lots of apps that ban websites, try to teach/train yourself to be more responsible and reliable to not use those sites without the help of other sources.

Don’t have fun too much fun

I’m going to be quite bold here. Working isn’t fun. Well, in some instances – like blogging or creative work – it is fun, but we shouldn’t spend too much time having fun while doing the actual work. You can get distracted very easily if you keep making your job fun. Maybe try to focus on the importance of doing it instead of making it fun. For example, if you need to plan out your day, don’t waste half of your time colouring in those letters or putting stickers on the pages in your planner. Plan it out quickly and get to the work faster. Then you will have more time to complete the tasks and you won’t feel as much pressure. And you can colour all those letters in and add stickers when you are having a break or have everything done. Yes, making your planner look cute is fun, but does it really make you do the work? If yes, go for it! But I am positive that the answer of 90% of you is a no.

Say the things out loud

Saying something out loud makes a bigger difference than only seeing them on the paper. What I like to do is to say the things I am going to do out loud before I start working. For example, today I told myself (out loud!) that “I’m going to finish this post, add the photos, do a workout, make lunch, look through the comments, post a photo on Instagram and then have a nice relaxed evening doing whatever the heck I want because I deserve it”. Saying it out loud makes me actually want to do the work I have and be proud. The same goes when I finish all the tasks – I reflect the things I did. If you list the things out loud you will feel much more motivated the next day because you will hear from yourself how much you did and that will make you feel productive.

Are you a productive person? What real tips do you have?

Conquer your to-do list - reach your goals!


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