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The question every blogger has and wants to know the answer to is ‘how to stay inspired all the time?’. And I don’t want to be a party pooper or anything but it is impossible. You will get stuck sometimes and you will feel like you have gone on an ideas ban in your head. That’s how life works and we can’t do anything to stop that. But. We can try to get over that ban faster and get an inspiration we are so greedily waiting for. Here’re few ways to keep your creative juices flowing and to get inspired:

Take a look at inspiring people and their work

The thing that I love to do the most in my free time is to watch inspiring people and learn from them. My favorite YouTubers are those who put the most work into their videos and projects. Watching other people kill it with creativity and their talent makes me want to do the same! Then I ask myself: why can’t I do the same? And the answer is that I can. Nothing inspires me more than Sawyer Hartman, Lilly Singh or Dwayne Johnson. The key is to take a look at what creative people do and pick up ideas from them, and inspiration in general.

Go explore

There is nothing better than a good old forest, park or beach to relax. And relaxation equals fresh mind which equals creativity boost. Go and take a walk, book little trips once in a while, go with a bike, go on a hike. Do something that will help you relax and will make space for new ideas. When you are the most relaxed, creative ideas start flowing themselves without any trying. So get your water bottle, the best trainers and go explore!

Observe little details

It may come as a surprise to some but social media is a great way to gain some inspiration and get new ideas for your blog posts or work. Take Twitter for example. If you indulge yourself in chats or just scroll down your timeline, I am sure you will get at least 5 ideas. There will be people asking questions or wondering something and they give you a great opportunity to answer or to give tips on the issue by writing a post. I am not even talking about Pinterest which is full of ideas and inspirational pins!

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Get a pen and draw it

This is one of stranger advice I have. In my mind, staying inspired is a state of mind when you are open to your abilities and you use them to create or to do something. Whenever people say that they need an inspiration, they simply need a little push to get their brain working. Inspiration doesn’t give you an idea itself, it gives you something to think about and the thinking process gives you an idea. So, whenever you feel like you need an inspiration, grab a pen and draw, scribble, doodle, write random words without any thought. This will help you forget about your intense worry of lack of inspiration and you will most likely end up with few great ideas!

Change your environment once in a while

One thing that I learned while blogging and studying is that environment you work in is very important. Thus, you need to constantly ‘update’ it to keep your work ungraded (look at that rhyme!). I can’t express how important it is to change the place you work at. If you are feeling quite uninspired to do the job or to think of something, chances are that you are bored of your working area, and you just feel unmotivated to do anything. Try working in the other room instead of your bedroom for a while, maybe find a different corner to write those posts in instead of your bed or your desk. Keep your working area fresh, and your mind will be relieved with new surroundings and will start working better.


Try new things, in other words, my friends. You can’t expect to be inspired all the time if you are doing the same thing over and over again. If you write a post, take photos, edit them and then edit the whole post, maybe try to take photos first and then write a post. If you write reviews all the time, try to maybe experiment with your blog and write few recommendations or ‘Best of bla bla‘ post. And finally, if you are always going by car to your job or school, maybe take a bus this time or walk there by foot if it’s possible. Change your routine and try new things. That way you will open up new opportunities that will give you more than enough inspiration.

Seriously, just do it

Now I know that we all love to whine a little bit and say that we have a blogger’s block and things like that but reality is that we are just lazy 90% of the time and only other 10%  of the time we are actually stuck in place. So, maybe instead of reading posts like this one and aimlessly scrolling down your social media, try to actually try. Get your laptop, favorite drink and let your fingers dance on those buttons. I’m sure you will scribble something. The hardest part is to start, everything after it will flow out easily. If not, use the tips above and you will be more than fine.

Do you find yourself being uninspired?

What do you like to do to get that inspiration back?

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