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People often look at me and ask what do I even eat – my answer? Everything. A lot of people I know think that I probably eat only greens, salads and no junk food. Well, I can assure you I do not eat like they think. And they also wonder why I stay so thin even though I eat a lot. I am not the fittest girl there are to be. Quite opposite really. And all I care about is that I am healthy. So what do I do you ask?

Drink water. I drink water as much as I can. It is the hardest thing for me as I don’t drink enough fluids and once I even fainted because of that in school. It’s just something I don’t feel the urge to. While one of my friends can drink 0.8l of drink in the cinema, I barely drink 0,3l – I usually drink of only a half if it. I know it’s bad and I am trying to somehow remind me that I need to drink. But I just don’t get thirsty easily.

Eat smart and slow. This is the most obvious one. It’s not about how less or much you eat, it’s about how you do it. I have this policy that if I feel like I don’t want it anymore, I don’t eat it. Don’t put food down your throat even if you feel full already, let some time pass and then do it if you will still want it. Also, it’s important to chew slowly and a great amount of time, your stomach and all digestion system will thank you.

Move a bit. I do not go to the gym. I don’t like that kind of exercises. Instead, I go out, ride a bicycle, go hiking – this is a very good activity, trust me – and run sometimes. Even if you only take a walk, it is very good for your health. Try to walk more and drive less. You don’t need to work out every week to be healthy, you don’t even need to work out at all. Just simply move a bit at least once a week. It’s that simple.

Have fun with moderation. Why do people always mix healthy lifestyle with fitness and greens and whatever? It’s okay to eat that chocolate bar if you want to. It’s okay to eat junk food sometimes. It’s perfectly fine to watch tv all day if you want to. Heck, I love me some McDonald’s and Pretty Little Liars marathon! Just do it with moderation. Don’t make it a habit.

And that’s it! That’s all you need to do to live more healthy. Now was it so hard? I am not talking about those extreme diets, weight-loss plans, just a simple normal healthy lifestyle. I also think of doing a post about eating healthy. So let me know in the comments if you would like to read it too πŸ™‚


How do you stay healthy?

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