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Since you all kind of liked the post I did on how I stay healthy, I thought I will do a post in which I explain how I try eating more healthy than I used to. Now keep in mind that I am no know-it-all and these are only the things I do to make my eating habits healthier. Basically, don’t hate me if you think these things suck! Now let’s get to the fun part!

Learn to love vegetables and fruits. I know vegetables don’t sound so fun as chocolate, but trust me they can taste pretty damn good too. I started eating more of them and including them in every meal possible. If your day doesn’t contain at least few vegetables or fruits, then it’s time to make a change!

Eat with moderation! I know, I already said this in my other post, but seriously do everything with moderation. Over-eating does nothing good for your health and well-being. Better try eating a lot of different meals but in small portions rather than eating lots in one time. 

Drink water. I tell this first thing to everyone when they ask me about getting more healthy. And till this day I struggle to remember to drink a lot during the day. I simply don’t get thirsty and that’s not very good. But I try to drink as much as I can remember to!

Treat yourself. In starting eating healthy, it’s very important to treat yourself once in a while. All those healthy meals, lots of vegetables and greens can get very overwhelming. So, let your body have fun sometimes and don’t forget to eat chocolate or pie once or twice. It’s perfectly okay to have carbs, just – as I said – don’t make it a habit.

Don’t skip breakfast! If I need to name one thing that I think is very important in staying healthy, it is 100% not skipping breakfast. Breakfast is my main meal of the day, if I skip it, I don’t feel well and don’t have the energy to do anything. Fun fact: when we eat breakfast all those carbs, calories and whatnot don’t go to your body unlike when we eat dinner or lunch.

Opt for more organic food. Organic and ecological products are way better for your health. They have less or sometimes none pesticides and fertilisers. Think about them like about your skincare – you don’t want to put cheap and very bad quality products on your face, so why to put them in your body?

Less sugar, less fat! This is something I decided to do for my problematic skin and well-being. I started drinking tea without sugar and reducing sugar in meals in what it is unnecessary. I get enough of sugar from fruit, deserts or other meals. Same with fat. Chocolate and nuts have a lot of fat in them and it’s not good for my skin, so I am trying to minimise them in my daily routine. 

Too much meat isn’t good. People in my country are all about the meat and the majority of meals are from meat. Meat is good and all, but it’s not very healthy to eat it every day. This is why I started having non-meat days in my week. I don’t say stop eating it because I love chicken and bacon! But try to have days when you don’t eat meat. There are a lot of products from that you can make a great and filling meal.

Less dairy and white pasta, rice – more whole-grain products. This is something I still am trying to adapt to. I love having yoghurts and cereal and rice is like my ultimate meal! But dairy is my enemy because of my skin and it’s very hard for me to have less of it. I am trying through! Go for whole-grain products and instead of using white rice maybe try using brown ones.

And that’s what I do to make my whole eating routine a bit healthier than it was a few years before. It’s not much and I am not making any drastic changes (except trying to give up on a lot of dairies and fat). Again, this is MY choices and I am in no way an expert or anything – yeah, right, imagine me being a dietician or something, haha.


How are you keeping your nutrition healthier?

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