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This is going to be one of those A bit of Motivspiration kind of posts and I really hope that it is okay with you. The reason why I didn’t write one for such a long time is because I wasn’t feeling any type of way that would make me feel motivated or inspired enough. However, today is the day I want to talk about those things again and maybe try to spark something inside of you. If not, just ignore everything I’m about to say. That’s okay too.

I want to ask you a question. Are you happy? The question everyone hates and wants to avoid. Especially the ones who are suffering from something. It really doesn’t matter what the person is dealing with. Is it anxiety? Is it depression? Is it a breakup or is it problems with family? The cause of it doesn’t make a difference. The only thing what matter is what a person chooses to do with the cause and its effects. Does he ignore them? Does he learn from them? Or does he choose to pity himself?

Life is full of ups and downs. You either learn to accept it or suffer from it. Being happy doesn’t mean having everything figured out. It certainly doesn’t mean living the best life or having the best things. It’s more about accepting the things they are. It’s learning to enjoy every minute of this short life. It’s knowing that yes, today I feel sad. Yes, today I feel pain. But tomorrow I will heal. Tomorrow I will be the same person I am. Tomorrow I don’t want to waste time crying for the past. Tomorrow I want to create a tomorrow. 

Are you happy? | A bit of Motivspiration | The Nerdy Me

One wise man who I admire once said that happiness isn’t something ready made, it comes from your own actions. If we could all learn that happiness should be created by ourselves, the world would be so much easier. Stop depending on things, people, and places to bring you happiness, and learn to create it yourself. Do something every day that gives you the feeling of content. Be it drawing, be it watching a movie, be it going for a walk. Whatever it is that makes you feel a little bit better about your life, do it. Don’t let sadness and pity take over your life.

Cry today is that’s what you need right now. But don’t spend all of your life crying. Self-pity is inevitable and that’s okay. Being sad once in a while is okay and no one can argue with that, we are all humans. Wasting life pitying yourself, wishing for something better, and wanting to be someone else is not okay and it will never be. So stop wasting time doing these things, focus on happiness that lives within you. It’s there. You only need to see it.

Are you happy? Are you truly happy?

What are your thoughts on happiness?


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