This Christmas I got a lot of body care products. I am not complaining any bit least, I love finding new brands and getting products to try out, so this is a win-win situation. One of the gifts I got was this small basket of products from the brand “Fruits of Paradise”. I was intrigued as soon as I got it as I have never heard of this brand and the products sounded so good. See for yourself!

Papaya & Strawberry Shower Gel | 260 ml – A very rich fruit scent and beautiful bright pink colour made me very happy. It does the work it should do which is making my skin clean and smelling heavenly. I am not sure if a lot of you would like the scent of it through. It is VERY fruity and a bit on a strange side, but I love it!

Orange & Nectarine Body Scrub | 60 ml – I was very excited for this one. But I am not sure if I love it. I wouldn’t even call it a scrub. It doesn’t have those little beads that should exfoliate, but it does leave my skin softer after using it. I love the smell of it, I love the effect, but I am not sure if it’s a real scrub? Looks more like a shower gel to me. A nice one.

Coconut & Banana Body Lotion | 260 ml – Heavenly scented product that leaves your skin feeling incredible. The scent lingers for a good few hours and after using it, I just can’t stop smelling my arms (didn’t that just sounded weird as eff). I wouldn’t have thought that banana and coconut works so good together!

Apple & Blueberry Bath Salt | 300 ml – It smells absolutely delicious. Very fruity and as a fan of blueberries I just can’t not to love it! I don’t know how to describe it more as it works perfectly as a bath salt. Leaves a very nice scent afterwards and I noticed that my skin becomes very nice after using this salt. Or is it just a bath salt in general? 

When I looked up this brand on the internet I found absolutely NOTHING! It’s like this brand does not exist. No website, no reviews, no nothing. The packaging says that it has been made in P.R.C. and produced by Germany company called “Raphael Rosalee Cosmetics”. And after a long research, I found out that this company makes a lot of gift baskets with different kind of body products and Fruits Of Paradise is only one of their ranges. So, that was quite a revelation for me. Now I know that I will not be able to get these products from shops.

Anyways, I really loved the scent of these, it is so rich and fruity that you just can’t not to love it. And the Coconut & Banana Body Lotion has to be my favourite one out of these. I simply adore this scent combination and it leaves my skin feeling like heaven. So soft and very moisturised.

What body products brand are you loving at the moment?

Exclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive these products for a review. I simply wanted to review them myself. All opinions are my own.