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Can you believe that October is over? I am sure as hell can’t. Every month when I have to sit down and write a month favorites post I realize how fast the time flies and it makes me even more anxious that I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I have 7 months to do it and it’s not much when you think about it. Only 7 month favorites posts. Oh dear God… But let’s not dwell on stressful things and focus on things that made us smile and happy this past month! 

October was full of events and things I needed to complete which involved putting more effort in my everyday look. I started wearing foundation more frequently which led me to the conclusion that I have too many red spots that can not just be covered with simple foundation and concealers. So, I opted to get a green makeup base and so I did. Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-red base is a product that I chose and been incredibly satisfied with the results. It neutralises redness around my nose and under my chin where I have lots of acne scars. And it is quite long-lasting and hydrates my skin well. However, I think it won’t be the best product if you have a lot of redness, but for the small spots it’s perfect. 

With autumn came cold and cold means chapped and dry skin. I’ve been using almost every day this Garnier Intensive 7 days hand cream with Shea butter. It says that it is a restoring hand cream that makes hands stay hydrated even after washing. I can say that it really does it. It’s not only fast absorbing (which I love the most about hand creams), but it makes my hands soft and really hydrates them. The only downside is the smell, it doesn’t smell like anything. Well, Shea butter scent, but, let’s face it, Shea butter does not have a nice scent (it doesn’t have a scent at all). And you know how I love my scents!

When I started wearing more makeup, I got into this small lips makeup routine that I have been loving this month. I apply Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm ‘Hydrate’ and then on top of it Essence Long-lasting Lipstick in shade 01 Coral Calling. Lip balm keeps my lips hydrated and plays a perfect role as my base for lipstick. And I already mentioned this lipstick from Essence in some of my favorites posts, but I just can’t stop loving it! I love everything about it, the shade, the formula. If you haven’t tried Essence Long-lasting lipsticks, you are really missing out.

I recently purchased new eyeglasses (and yes to those who didn’t know, I do wear glasses hence my blog avatar). I got these Tommy Hilfiger’s ones and I absolutely adore them. They are dark brown colour and have this white line at the top. They look very stylish and I love it! Also this month I’ve been listening to various artists from Imagine Dragons to reggae music. But these are the ones I played and replayed the most:

Perfect – One Direction

Same Old Love – Selena Gomez

Hello – Adele

With Autumn start a lot of tv shows that I am obsessed with. This month I have been enjoying American Horror Story: Hotel. It is a horror, mystery and a bit of humor kind of tv show with incredible actors and actresses. And Lady Gaga is in it too! By the way, she is killing it for sure!

And I think that’s all for this month. I feel like this month I’ve been more focused on school-related things that I didn’t have much time to enjoy simple things like going for a walk or just photographing things that caught my eye. But I am determined to not forget to do these things in November. 

What have you been loving this October?

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