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Another month has gone by and the end of the year is coming closer and closer. Have you started making your New Years plans? I certainly didn’t. They are always last minute decision for me. Anyways, this month was full of new findings and tries. Let’s take a look what I actually enjoyed this November!

I finally told myself that I will start trying out different products to try and cure my acne because I had enough of it. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil was the first thing I bought to try out. I read a lot of posts about it and people were raving how nice this oil is and how it helped them to cure their acne. So, why the heck not? Yeah, well, it costs A LOT! 13 FREAKING EUROS FOR 20ML BOTTLE. I swearΒ this is freaking ridiculous! It smells horrible. I am not lying, it feels like you showered in medicine. But it strangely helped me (well, I like to believe it did), I noticed that I don’t get big breakouts and my blemishes are healing faster. We will see how far we will go, but for now I really enjoy this product.

There is no secret that I love good nail polish shades. So this month I popped into few stores and bought myself Essence The Gel Nail Polish in shade 14 do you speak love?. First of all, can we talk about the title of shade. IT’S AMAZING. I just love when nail polishes have cute names. And lastly, the colour is gorgeous! I don’t know about gel effect, but the shade is really nice, it’s like this dark berry colour. I’ve been wearing it a lot and it’s perfect for autumn and I think in winter it will do just fine too. Plus the applicator is big and so easy to work with.

Since I been wearing more makeup, this Essence Oil Control Paper was such a helper for me! It has these 50 little sheets of paper that absorb the oils from your skin and makes your skin look more matte. As I get quite oily a lot these sheets helped me out throughΒ the day. When I noticed that I got very oily (especially on my T-zone), I took a sheet, patted it on my skin and voila! I am not oily anymore and my makeup looks on point again. Really recommend these things for those who have really oily skin.

Another one makeup favorite (I feel like I am becoming a makeup blogger (nah!)) this month of mine is Maybelline Fit Me foundation mixed with a bit of Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation. I don’t if I am breaking some kind of beauty/makeup rules, but this is the only way I can get my shade right. Since we already established that I am a pale person and face a lot of problems for that, it’s not simple for me to find the right shade. Some days I am paler and sometimes (especially in winter and summer) I am not so pale. This month my usual Fit Me foundation in shade 110 was a bit too light for me, so I mixed it with a drop of Lasting Finish in shade 100 Ivory. And tada! I have a perfect shade for my skin now πŸ™‚

Music wise I been into a lot of genres. I am loving One Direction newest album Made in A.M., especially songs A.M., What A Feeling and I Want To Write You A Song. If you haven’t listened to them, you should! They are really good. And I have been loving Selena Gomez this month too. Same Old Love, Me & The Rhytmth are my jams!

I have been loving movie Friends with Benefits this month, it’s really hilarious and perfect for me who isn’t so much into romance movies. Speaking of movies, I went to see Mocking Jay Part 2 in cinema and all I can say that it is as good as expected. I only didn’t like one part of the movie, but I will talk about it more in my other post. And also I just can not include First Snow into my month favorites! It was such a beautiful day and made me feel even more festive than I am.

ALSO (I feel like I said this word way to much in this post)! I have an Instagram (@thenerdymeblog)Β now! Yes, you can say ‘finally’ now, haha. I have been debating on it for a long time and made up my mind finally. So, follow me and leave your Instagram in the comments, so I can follow you too!Β 

What have you been loving this November?

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