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The summer is just around the corner! I don’t know about you but for me it certainly doesn’t look like summer. Maybe it’s a horrible weather here in Lithuania or the fact that I am sick (soar throat, runny nose, fever and all – it is not fun at all!) but I am not feeling those summer vibes that I should. But aside this little fact, I am very excited for this summer! And here are the reasons why.

I AM MOVING OUT! Yes, I am in fact moving out this summer into a new house. I’m still not sure when it will happen but it will eventually. I love changing places, decorating and doing all that stuff (I am weird like that, don’t judge) so, I’m looking forward to it with much excitement. Also, new house means new blog post ideas such as home ware haul, decor DIY’s, house tour, bedroom decoration ideas and so on and on. I can’t be the only one happy about this as much! Or can I?

TRIP TO CYPRUS! Hell to the yes! I am going on vacation this summer. Around the end of the June I will be going to Cyprus for a week. AND IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY! Just thinking about sea, sand, cocktails, new food culture, hikes and everything makes me go all giddy. I am such a weird person… (and apparently I love saying weird a lot).  I will keep you updated for sure with my trip. So, get excited because you will be getting lots of photos and stories!

MUSIC FESTIVAL! I am planning to go to one of the festivals which will be at August if I am not mistaken. I am still not sure about it but I am hoping I will be able to attend it with my friends. I love festival atmospheres, music and just whole thing overall. So, if I go to it, I will be posting a post about my time that I spent there!

BICYCLE RIDING! I am obsessed with bicycle riding. I think it’s the most interesting and fun exercise form that can be! Last summer I used to ride almost every week at least 20km. One time I rode 100km and I loved it! It helps me relax, breath clean air, tightens leg muscles and keeps me in shape! This summer I am hoping to ride more than I did last but I don’t know if I will find enough time for it. But I am certain for one thing, I am hopping on that bike with my friend next weekend! 

MORE BLOG POSTS! I am excited for more frequent blog posting and improving my abilities. It may sound weird (again with that weird word!) but I am really looking forward learning more about blogging. I am so hooked up on it now but I just don’t have as much time because school and all (blah! at least it’s over in a week!).  So, be sure for one thing. I will be posting more and hopefully you will like it!

LEARNING SPANISH! I am currently learning Spanish language and I’m hoping to improve my skills more during this summer. Again it may not sound as exciting for you as it is for me but I love learning new things (say hello to the nerdy side of me) that interest me. I will try to learn as much as I can this summer and maybe in the end of 2015 I will be speaking Spanish waaaay better!


What are your summer plans? Anything exciting? Maybe a trip to somewhere or a festival?

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