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Finally, I collected enough products to post an empties post (yay!). I’ve been wanting to write this one for ages because I simply enjoy reading others blog post about products they have used up and whenever they are going to purchase it or not. I think it’s the most honest opinion in this kind of posts 🙂 So, let’s stop with all this sentimental talk and let’s get to the empties!

FA SHOWER CREAM: GREEK YOGURT AND ALMOND: I love it. If you haven’t read my May favorites, you should go and do it right now. I raved about it in that post. I won’t talk much about it again, but all you need to know is – a soft skin, heavenly smell. I am sad I finished it up so quickly as this cream is my favorite so far. But hey, there are always more to buy! 

Conclusion: repurchasing in the future for sure.

KLORANE SHAMPOO WITH NASTURTIUM: This is a shampoo for dry dandruff. I recently started getting small dry dandruff in the certain area in my hair and picked this shampoo for it. I really like it as it is more on the natural side and does its work perfectly. I really recommend it. And other KLORANE products as well, they are really good ones 🙂

Conclusion: Repurchasing. Repurchasing. Repurchasing.

GILETTE SATIN CARE SHAVE GEL FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: I am always repurchasing this shaving gel because it not only makes my shaving routine easier and faster but also makes my skin soft and doesn’t leave bumps. My skin is very sensitive and I always end up small red bumps on my legs after shaving, but this shaving gel fixed it!

Conclusion: Already repurchased.

GARNIER FRUCTIS HAIR STRENGTHENING MASK: This mask is for those who have damaged hair and need a bit of strengthening and softness in them. I really liked this mask at the start, it made my hair a bit more tameable and shinier. However, I noticed that when I use this mask my hair get greasy faster and I need to wash them every day then. And that’s a big minus. But the scent is very fresh and fruity which I love.

Conclusion: Not going to repurchase it. My hair condition and health are more important than a shiny effect.

NOREVA EXFOLIAC NC GEL: I talked about this in my Current Skin Care Routine post a while ago. I still stand strongly by my opinion that I stated there. This gel helped me a lot while dealing with blemishes and spots. I recommend this one for everyone who have problematic skin.

Conclusion: Repurchasing as soon as I can because I can’t live without it.

MALIBU LOTION SPRAY SPF 30: I picked this up last summer when I was in need of one quickly. There wasn’t many to choose from and I picked this one up as it sounded better than other cheap lotions. This lotion does what it needs to do (obviously) and I loved it. It has a nice smell and is water resistant which is a big plus. Also, it has a pump (I mean, what to not love about it!).

Conclusion: worth buying and will most certainly be repurchased in the future.

DAIM MINT LIMITED EDITION: This is random one (but I am weird, so deal with it!). I love Daim, especially with ice cream. So, I could pass an opportunity to try out new limited edition one with mint flavor. All, I am going to say is that it’s delicious! I love mint, so mint with chocolate and caramel is a perfect combination for me. You should try it out and tell me if you liked it as well (if you have a sweet tooth like me).

Conclusion: Repurchasing if it’s still available.

That’s it for my empties post! Looks like I’ve been loving almost all of these products this time. It happens rarely, believe me. Anyways, for those who don’t know (you should follow me on twitter for more updates from me!) – I am going to Cyprus tomorrow! I am very excited for this trip, going to take lots of pictures. I apologize in advance if you won’t get a new post in a week time because of my trip. I don’t know if internet connection will be strong enough there, so please, bare with me. But I’ll try my best to post something 🙂


Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts on these?

Also, what have you used up recently?


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